Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Summer Crush is Gay (& other fun facts)

Still working the same summer job.
Not complaining, though.
Seems like my bosses are starting to realize I'm a decent worker/person, & I'm getting along with the majority of my co-workers, which is really nice & refreshing.
I've threatened to quit so many fucking times, it's a wonder they didn't just fire me.

On to my most recent issue failure endeavor.
We'll call him "Felicia".
Since learning the phrase 'Bye Felicia', he's decided that's what he wants to be called.
Felicia is the science specialist at my camp.
To make an incredibly long, boring story short:
  • I had a crush on him.
  • He flirted with me.
  • While talking about coffee with him one day, I got the feeling, out of nowhere, that he wasn't straight 
  • Decided to be brave & tell a co-worker I was feeling him
  • His response: "She's barking up the wrong tree, if you know what I mean. But I'll still flirt with her, if it makes her happy."
So, in a matter of a day, I went from having a perspective boyfriend to having another girlfriend whom I can randomly yell "Bye Felicia" & "Yasss!" at.
That's cool too.
He's still sexy as shit.

Other than Felicia, I've had a hard time taking any of the other guys at my job seriously.
There's the dude I take the ten minute walk from the employee lot to work every morning with.
I thought I liked him before I realized he believed he was God's gift to the motherfucking universe.
I can't say I don't still enjoy him being the first person I see/talk to every morning, but you would think I'm walking with Jesus Christ himself.

I've really just been standing back & trying to play matchmaker with all my other co-workers.
There's way too many of us for no one to get laid.
It just wouldn't make sense.
So, if nothing is going to happen with me, I'll be damned if it doesn't happen to someone.
For shit's sake.

It's been roughly 2.5 months since I randomly took myself off my anxiety/depression meds.
I don't recommend anyone to do the same.
Trust me, it could really fuck you up & it's not worth it.
But I did it because my previous meds weren't working anymore, so my doctor prescribed me something stronger that gave me nightmares & didn't help me any more than the last meds.
So I just cold-turkeyed everything.
Even my allergy meds. (They didn't work either)
I don't think I've been this happy in years.
And it's so nice.

There's always the possibility that all these good vibes are simply because the weather here in New York has been unbelievably beautiful after suffering through easily the worst winter I've ever seen (let alone had to drive through every day).
That's totally likely.
It really may have nothing to do with me or my brain chemistry.
But I've been so fucking chill lately.

Another virginal, hard-worked summer is almost in the books.
But, at least I'm still respecting the shit out of myself, & at least I'm making money.
Let me end this post before I think of something to complain about.
See ya.

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