Wednesday, October 3, 2012

School, Work & All the Nothing in Between

School has been in session for a little over a month now, & I, of course, have already had my fair share of issues.

Let's skip school for a second & cover something that should probably get knocked out first & foremost: BEAR.

(If you haven't read the afore posted entry, this story probably isn't going to make much sense.)

So, I was working out with HER the other day when I happened to notice that Bear was also in the gym.

Me: Oh shit, Bear's here.

HER: *blank expression* ...Who?

Me: Bear. You know, the guy Past used to have a crush on.

HER: Oh yeah. Which one is he?

Me: The guy right there in the gray shirt.

HER: Huh. I've never seen him in person.

Me: He's handsome, right?

HER: *completely ignores me*

A few minutes later, Past comes running up to us, seemingly out of nowhere with this huge-ass annoying smile on her face.

Past (to HER): You know that guy, Bear, that I used to have a crush on? Well, he wants me to tell you that he loves you, he's moving to Colorado, & he's sorry things didn't work out between you two.

HER: What the fuck?

Past: I have no idea. He just wanted me to tell you that.

HER: *a couple minutes later* That's so weird, I've never even seen him in person before...Great now he's smiling at me.

Me: *imagining myself banging my head against a concrete wall*

So, yeah.
That's how that one goes.
Apparently, Bear is still going through Past to tell HER he thinks she's hot & all the rest of it.
& to think, I thought I actually had a shot with that dude.

Moving on, school has been decent so far.
I won't go into the one class that's been all fucked up for me from the start, but aside from that, it's been pretty good compared to some past semesters.
Even my statistics class is holding up pretty well.
I guess I lucked out, this time around.

As far as the boy report goes: Not much to report on.
The only dude I think anything of thus far, is a guy who's too young for me in my English class.
He's extremely nice & you can tell he's one of those guys who's going to get more & more handsome with age.
That's about all I have to say about him, other than the fact he was wearing some bad-ass grey Nikes today.
I wanted to tell him, know how I am.

Yet, despite all this bullshit weather here in upstate New York, & despite the monotonous drive to school, & the millions of staircases that I have to climb, & all the 1st world problems that constantly cloud my head as I keep trying to get to the end of this hamster wheel they call college, I gotta say, The Gaslight Anthem's new album, Handwritten, is making everything in my life better than I ever thought it could be.
Kind of like American Slang did, a couple years ago.
Kind of like The '59 Sound did before that.
This is the only band I can listen to without thinking myself into the ground.
This is the only band I've never "broken-up" with.
This is the only band I truly, wholeheartedly respect.

Today was the first day my first class didn't suck.
I aced a test, I could've swore I failed, in another class.
And I got some awesome new books at B&N today.
Why did everything go right today?
Well, I like to think it's because I fell asleep with "Too Much Blood" blasting from my headphones last night.
I woke up happy & showed up late for class in an awesome mood.
I love The Gaslight Anthem.

Speaking of books, I picked up Carlos Andres Gomez's book, "Man Up".
I'm fucking stoked, needless to say.
He's easily one of my favorite poets, & when I walked down a random aisle & saw his face staring me down from the cover of his book, I found it hard to not make a scene before grabbing the book, shamelessly hugging it, & scurrying like a mouse to go pay for it.
Yeah, I get like that with books.
Type this dude's name into YouTube, & hopefully you'll understand my excitement.
I'll leave some of his work up top if you're too lazy.

Anyway, life's good.
I'm all over the place as usual.
I took a FocusMaster class yesterday.
I work in a gym, so it was free for me to take, but now I can't even squat to sit down.
My entire body feels like a giant bruise.
I'm hoping to be able to take it every Tuesday, but the way things are looking now, I may as well just throw the towel in.
We'll see.
I'm sure it was pretty comical to watch me try to "roll" in & out of my car today, because my thighs are too sore for me to bend my knees.
I'm a mess.
A real fucking mess.

I'll talk to you soon.
Maybe me & the boy with the bad-ass grey Nikes will have a cool conversation one day.
Maybe he'll even compliment me on my own bad-ass grey Nikes.
Maybe not.
I got some cool key chains today, I'm gonna go attach them to my keys now...