Tuesday, February 14, 2012

...And We're Back.

In more ways than one, that's for sure.
First & foremost, Happy Valentine's Day.
Second & secondmost, I had a bit of a deja vu moment today.
My current English class is...well...the "professor" is lowest form of bitch, as a bitch can get.
I was tempted to break out the "C" word to define her, but that wouldn't be very fucking ladylike.
I feel like a little angel has been telling me to get the fuck out of the class while I still had time, & today I finally listened.
Everything has been going wrong since day one as far as this class goes, but today, as soon as this whore walked in & told us we were having a quiz on something I swear she didn't assign, I gathered my shit loudly & immaturely, & proceeded to walk the fuck out of her class.
I'll be seeing my adviser tomorrow or Thursday so I can safely withdraw, because it's just not happening.
The bitch doesn't even acknowledge me while I'm in class.
The point in staying is obsolete.

Other than all that, I dyed my hair.
I'm too weird about taking pictures of myself, so my best friend is the only one that actually knows, only because I see her every week.
I'm digging the new change, but after sitting in a salon for literally 5 hours & my hair not looking anything like the picture I'd given the hairdresser a month earlier, I guess my enthusiasm was kind of...curbed.
Still haven't gotten glasses...still can't see.

Tutoring still hasn't worked out in my favor, either.
I'm not sure what this guy's problem is, but I turned in my application weeks ago & followed up on it twice, & still nothing.
There's no reason for him not to hire me & he hasn't even given me an interview, even though tutoring has already started.
I'm not sure what the issue is.
There's always some unseen factor tampering with my ability to get money.
I'ma check up on it one more time, but after that, it's out of my control.
I shouldn't have to remind someone to do their (pretty simple) job.

So... this makes it a year since having classes with DisasterCrush.
If I weren't friends with him on Facebook, would I still be talking about him this far down the road?
Absolutely not.
Like I said, he doesn't even live in this country anymore & thanks to this little thing we call Facebook, we can keep people in our lives for as long as we want, without them even realizing it.
That last part sounded kind of creepy...but, I meant it.
DisasterCrush is one gorgeous dude, & while looking at pictures of him living the single life in a country that resembles heaven, I've been having a hard time believing that I ever really knew him at all.
What the fuck was he doing here?
Anyway, another one of my loves has mysteriously come back into my life.
No, not DisasterCrush2...not South...not Senior.
You know how I feel about jinxing shit, so that's all I'll say.
I'm trying to learn how to stop looking back, & focus on the good in front of me...even when I can't see it.
Truth be told, the likelihood of DisasterCrush ever coming back to N.Y., never mind me seeing him again, it slim to nada.
...Then again, I said that about the other guy too.
Never underestimate life.

Currently trying to work out some plans to go to Harlem for my 21st birthday.
I haven't gotten far enough with those plans to share them yet, but I'm determined to hit up 125th St. & that's about all I know.

I told you about the 2011 post I've been working on since...2011, & the longer I take to finish it, the less relevant the post seems to get.
However, I'm still gonna try to get that out there.
I got a lot going on right now as far as school & things go, so hopefully once my load eases up a bit, I might have some decently interesting stories to tell.
Until then...
Behave yourselves.