Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random Daily Haiku:

Today we locked eyes
like doors that will not ever
be opened again.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

With Age Comes...

a lower tolerance for petty issues & incomprehensible people.
As I told you in my 'Oh Boy...' post, I cut someone out of my life who I should've cut out a longgg time ago.
By cut out, I mean I stopped all contact (phone, facebook, etc.) & haven't looked back since.
Well, I saw that same person 2 days ago.
We still have mutual friends who are stable enough to stay neutral & as I was leaving class the other day, someone called my name.
When I turned around, my friend was waving to me...& there sat "Friend" beside her.
I've never seen someone fail so miserably at mean muggin'.
This chick is 4'10", 90 lbs & her hair was curled like Shirley Fucking Temple.
Yet, there she sat, "glaring" at me with a look that was probably supposed to make me feel badly about all that went down, but instead she looked more like an angry toddler in time-out.
I said "hey" to my friend, tried to supress my laughter, got in my car & went the fuck home.

As I've said numerous times, I'm not a mean person.
In fact, I'm too fucking nice.
...But I have my limits just like everyone else in the world & this girl had crossed more than just a few of them.
The fact she took the low road & decided to give me a dirty look as opposed to ignoring the fact our friend said "hi" to me & pretending she had no idea I was even standing there, shows me the maturity level of this girl.
That's one less person I need to take care of.
Thank God that shit is finally done & over with.

So call me hyper-sensitive, but I got a little down when people who know me didn't wish me a happy birthday this year.
I don't mean people who I haven't talked to in years, facebook friends, or even classmates.
I mean close friends & family members who either forgot & never remembered or just didn't care.
Normally, I don't give a shit about my all.
No shit. I almost forgot it one year.
This year, as you damn well know by now, was a big birthday for me.
So when a my brother's wife never called to wish me a happy birthday & my brother went out of his way to call me from NYC (he lives in Maryland), I got pretty annoyed.
Again, normally I wouldn't give a shit...but it would've been nice to hear from my two nephews on my birthday & I was not about to call their house if my brother wasn't even home just to remind everyone it was my fucking birthday.
This is not me complaining about being unimportant.
When you've known someone for 15 years & you've been a part of their family for 10, at least wish them a happy 20th birthday.
Another Facebook friend deleted.
Peace out.

I'm done pretending to like people.
I'm done tolerating people who only give a shit about themselves.
It has gotten me absolutely nowhere other than a place where I'm unhappy.
I've kept my mouth shut my entire life & I've regretted every single thing I've left unsaid.
It's time for me to start speaking up & telling the truth like I always do on this site.

From this day on, I'm calling bullshit.

Dear Journalism Group,

You are the most frustrating, irresponsible, idiotic group of assholes I've ever had the displeasure of working with.
You're lazy, selfish & incompetent.
I wouldn't be bossy if I didn't know what I was doing.
You're going to wish you had listened to me because our project is going to be just as shitty & disorganized as your small minds.
I hope to never work with the majority of you again.
I hope to never run into the majority of you again.
You're going nowhere in life & if you get an attitude with me again, you're going to the hospital.
You just blew your chances with the best writer in this class.
Thanks for fucking up my journalism grade.
Fuck you all.

...Brian, you are completely exempt from this message.