Saturday, March 5, 2011

Proof that perfect guys do exist.
Oveous Maximus is LOVE.


I had a rough morning.
For some reason, my emotions on a certain situation got the best of me & I broke down as soon as I woke up.
I have my 6 hour weekend class today & I'm stoked to get out of the house & listen to some decent writing for the rest of the day.
My head is swimming right now & I would do anything to make it stop.
Sometimes I wonder why certain people come into my life.
Yes, we're back to talking about THAT GUY (the guy who has aquired too many nicknames to count on this site).
He did nothing but unknowingly make my life miserable.
I could stay in my room all day today, writing poetry about the way I'm feeling inside but I know it wouldn't ease the pain.
I must've fucked up somewhere in my life.
Oh well.
There's no going back now.
I need to get some Subway & coffee & I'll be just fine.
Honestly though, I feel like shit.
We'll see how the day goes...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm having a boy & junk food induced mood swing.
I'm gonna read some Tucker Max stories & hit the sack early.
Maybe I'll actually have something interesting to say tomorrow.

Goodnight. <3

Tru Fax:

I watch Prime News with Vinnie Politan EVERY EVENING at 6 p.m.
I have a serious & slightly obsessive crush on Vinnie & on nights he has a fill-in (like tonight), my whole night is blown.
Time to order take-out & go back to hating myself.


If more bands were like this, we'd have less problems in the music industry.
I've met a few nameless assholes at shows & their bands will never have the fanbase Dillinger has thanks to their shitty attitudes.
Every band needs to take a page out of Dillinger's book.

Determination. Perseverance. Resolution. RESURRECTION.

Representing my shit in the only thing I feel comfortable in: An oversized band t-shirt.
There's a couple things I want to cover on this site.
Some of which, I don't even know where to begin.
Lucky for you, there's no complaining...well, almost no complaining.
I've just been spending a lot of time in my own head lately & I wanted to share some random thoughts.
I'll try to get a few done today.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Daily Haiku:

The only people
who should ever control you
are you & yourself

Monday, February 28, 2011



A Minor Complaint:

For those who do not know, I'm an English/Journalism major.
My goal is to be a music journalist HOPEFULLY in the rock/metal scene.
For the time being, though, I'm just your average almost-twenty-year-old college student with a thousand questions constantly running through my head.
Last semester, my english teacher was somewhat of a bitch at first.
It was a 2 hour class at 8 o'clock in the morning & a lot of it revolved around grammar *ZzZzZz*.
I somehow managed to get nothing lower than 90% on all my papers & passed the class with flying colors.
I'm still not sure how I did it. Trust me, if my alarm went off at six & I wasn't digging the idea of going to class, the most effort I made was to get up, pee, get back in the bed & proceed to sleep longer.
However, there were a few things that made the class enjoyable.
1. My teacher thought I was a good writer & gave me awesome grades on all my assignments (the ones I actually turned in, that is)
2. Some of my classmates were cool (i.e. Kim, the adorable, overachieving single dad who felt it necessary to get up every 5 minutes to ask the teacher questions & often tripped &/or fell on the way up)
3. The teacher more than encouraged creativity. She actually took points off essays if they didn't have funny/creative titles. In my opinion, that's the fucking shit.
So moving onto this minor complaint:
My english class this semester FUCKING BLOWS.
My professor is an older man who speaks in a monotone voice, talks about nothing but grammar, assigns reading out of the textbook as homework (yeah, right), & the first copy of every essay is "peer reviewed".
I know you're not stupid. Peer review is pretty self-explanatory so I won't break that down any further.
Whenever we do peer-review, my "peer" never has anything negative to say about my paper.
I'm not a perfect writer.
I'm sure you've noticed.
I put commas in the wrong place, I ramble, I spell shit wrong, I over-think things into the ground.
It's frustrating to hear that there's nothing wrong with my paper, then hand it in & have the teacher tell me all the things I did wrong on my final copy.
My first paper for this semester earned me a B.
A high grade, yes. But I could've done better if my teacher actually taught & my peers weren't so kiss-ass.
Anyway, I know a B isn't a bad grade & I'm not complaining about it. My friend probably worked twice as hard on hers & she got a D.
Here's my current problem:
I have a brilliant idea for my paper due tomorrow & not only was there no peer review because of a recent snow storm but, I know this paper isn't going to get the respect it deserves.
Again, I'm fully aware that I'm no Stephen King, Mitch Albom, or James Frey for that matter (ROFL LMAO LOL).
My teacher has no appreciation of creativity nor is he really in touch with the youth of today.
Does he even know what heavy metal is?
Pshhh, dunno.
I guess the only thing I can do at this point is to bite the bullet & turn this shit in...after I actually write it, that is.
If I get anything less than what I think I deserve, there's going to be a problem.
We'll see how goes...