Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Daily Haiku:

You blew my mind like
a loaded gun to the head.
Do it again, please?

Oh Hai:

I'm a firm believer in jinxing people...especially myself, so I'm not about to go apeshit, talking about how I think my bad days may be coming to a slow halt.
I just had a conversation with that know, THAT guy?
The one I seem to have a staring problem with?
Well, since Poetry Boy has offically flown the coup & there's probably no way he's ever coming back, let me introduce you to:
Forum Boy!
Originality is my specialty.
Anyway, I was heading into my advisor's office when I saw him sitting in there.
Long story shy, I felt awkward as fuck & almost asked the secretary if I could come back at another time to avoid having to share 1 inch worth of leg space with the most gorgeous guy in this school.
Lucky for me, keeping it cool is also my specialty.
I sat down & pretended to text...furiously.
Seriously, I pantomimed this texting so dramatically, he must've thought I was trying to text 911.
Still, despite all my efforts to not seem flustered, he struck up a convesation.
And it was a pretty fucking good one.
He's a fellow metalhead (can't say the same for Poetry Boy), he's funny & he's got the mouth of a sailor.
God Must've Spent A Little More Time On Youuuuu...
It's Forum day, so I'll be seeing him in again in an hour, something he confirmed before leaving the office (squeal), but I still have a shit ton of work to do.
I feel lucky to be sharing a class with this guy; there's thousands of attractive boys on this campus but NONE of them are in any of my classes.
No seriously, not a single fucking one.
I may seem crazy for trying to see anything more in this guy than pretty face but,
Sanity is not my specialty.
We'll see how goes.
I've got an hour to kill and no money or energy to do anything but daydream.
Maybe I'll do some school work, maybe I won't.
In college, you learn to figure shit out on the fly.
The dude next to me is doused in Axe body spray.
Like he marinated in that shit.

I gotta go.
Good talk.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Daily Haiku:

I'm going to be
just fine, so don't worry &
I won't worry too


Just Googled my brother & found nothing.
Thank God.
Anyway, today has been another shitty day.
My complaining is getting out of control so, I'll spare you the gory details.
Let's just say all girls are whores & bitches.
The one thing I looked forward to today was donating blood when I got the chance after class.
Well, I got the chance...& I got my finger pricked for fucking nothing because I got a tattoo less than a year ago & New York isn't regulated to throw their used ink away.
Like, really?
So, here I am, sitting in the library at school, 2 hours past the time I got out of class.
I really need to get a fucking hobby.
The main (or only) thing that has been making me unbelievably happy lately is Tucker Max's latest book, Assholes Finish First (as you can see in the afore taken photo, it hasn't left my side in a week).
Though I'm an avid reader & I thoroughly enjoyed I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (why am I talking like such a nerd?), never did I think I would have to turn to Tucker Max for help to get through the day.
Yet, every fucking second I get, I bury my nose in this book.
Between Tucker, his friend SlingBlade & all the amazing women Tucker runs into, I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard.
No shit, even on my shittiest days this week, I've been in tears because of this book.
My stance on Tucker Max is the same stance I have with Dane Cook: Most people either love them, or hate them to the point where they want to murder not only Tucker or Dane themselves, but anyone by the same name. With me, I just run with whatever makes me happy. I don't like Dane Cook because he has trendy jeans & uses hair gel, I like him because he makes me laugh like no one else in the world. I don't like Tucker Max because he's an asshole who thinks way too much of himself, I like him because...well, maybe I do like him because of that, but he's also an exceptional writer & his stories are beyond addictive.
So that's been my hint of sunshine through all of this rain & I appreciate Tucker Max for taking the time to write all this shit down.
Again, I said I wasn't going to complain, so I'm gonna peace out.
Here's hope that tomorrow is a little bit better.

Current Nails & New Polishes:

Yup, back to back.
On my nails: Sally Hansen- Wet Cement
In the hand: Opi- Teal the Cows Come Home (L), The Show Must Go On (R)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Current Nails & New Polishes:

Not very true to color, but what are you gonna do?
It's actually a really bright opaque coral & it's stunning in person (especially on us brown girls), but it's been chipping like a bitch.
New York Color- Times Square
Never mind the poetry & sex stories in the background.

Shitty picture, but what are you gonna do?
(L to R)
Sally Hansen- Sheer Strawberry
Orly- Passion Fruit
New York Color- Times Square
Sally Hansen- Wet Cement
...& some nail glue because while cleaning my room, I broke my nail so low, I thought I was probably going to die.

Valentine's Day Ramble:

This is the last place I need to be right now.
"This" meaning, this site.
I have so much work to do, it's disgusting.
But...I work well under pressure, I've gotten a little bit done, it's Valentine's Day & I've decided to marry Jesse Bradford.
Yeah, I found my old VHS of Swimfan last Friday & I've managed to watch it 11x since then.
I was scouring YouTube to find some videos of the real Jesse Bradford (as opposed to his characters) & he seems like a dick.
Totally full of himself with nothing but a few older movies to back him up.
I don't know what it is with attractive guys being so full of shit. His smile alone could kill off a small country & I think maybe he's a little too aware of that.
But, whatever. He's still stupid gorgeous & a girl can still dream.
I'm drawing a blank this morning. Normally, I have too much to say, but today, I'm just trying to get a mental list of what I need to do going.
I tried to wash out my thermos this morning & I guess I didn't rinse it very well because now I have a mixture of tea & soap to drink.
Fuck it, I'll just buy a Pepsi.
I was flipping through the channels last night & I came across the Grammy's.
Who comes on as soon as the channel changes?
Paramore...or a half-dressed Hayley Williams & the remaining members of her back-up band (bouns points if you can name them).
I'm not going to get into that, but I'm glad Muse won the award.
Anyway, not feeling today's "Valentine's Day" vibe & by the looks of it, no one else here is either.
Everyone's half asleep, surfing Facebook or pretending to be busy with work (like me).
Surprisingly, I'm not in the mood for complaining about the fact I've gone 20 years without a single Valentine.
I'm guessing that's just life.
Jesse's my Valentine this year.
Everything is slowly starting to work itself out...again.
I say that all the time & then something goes wrong, & then something else goes wrong, then there's the always predictable "UGH" post.
Whatever. For the time being I'm not sweating too much (even though it's fucking hot outside for the first time in months).
That sounds kind of silly.
This kid next to me is complaining about how hot it is outside & it's only 50 degrees.
I'm sure that's fridgid for some places in the U.S. but for us, this is fucking summer.
...I'm rambling.
I wrote an entire essay for tomorrow's 8 a.m. English class then changed my mind last minute & now I'm writing the essay over on a different subject.
I should probably go.
Time to get some work done.
Happy Valentine's Day.