Friday, February 4, 2011

Current Nails:

All freehand but, I gotta say, it looks better in person...& it's already started chipping since doing this last night.

Deborah Lippmann- This Must Be Love
Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes
Kiss (Brush-On Nail Art)- Black
Kiss (Brush-On Nail Art)- Rockstar

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This band makes my insides ache.
The main thing stopping me from going to that show now is the fucking snow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Envy on the Coast!!!

Nope, still haven't gotten over the fact they broke up so, let's pretend they didn't for the duration of this post.
Yesterday was kind a rough day for me (not to mention, my 8th straight day of school because of my weekend classes) & in turn, I listened to Envy all day.
Anyway, I have a double snow day going on over here so I decided to give some "Envy" related updates.
Sidenote: I feel almost disrepectful calling the Envy boys "the Envy boys". I know Envy on the Coast is no more but, hopefully it didn't leave such a bad taste in anyone's mouth, they can stand being correlated with their former band. Otherwise, I'm not sure how to refer to them.

Obviously, Ryan & Brian are currently doing their thang with Billy Rymer(!) in their new project, North Korea. Their first song, 'Master Plan B', sounds messy as shit to me. It almost sounds like you're hearing someone's thoughts when they can't exactly think straight. There's something nice about that, I think everyone can relate to that feeling but again, that's just what it sounds like to me. As hectic as it sounds, Ryan's voice could chill me out after the shittiest day of my life. Still keeping up with his & Brian's Tumblrs.
"Master Plan B":
Ryan's Tumblr:
Brian's Tumblr:
Sal Bossio apparently moved out to sunny California (traitor...) & he's doing vocal lessons via the internet. I'm glad he's doing something that makes him happy & something that he's undeniably good at. I'm sure he'll excel at this job not only because he's an exceptional singer but, because he already has a following through Envy. He recorded two songs on his new website & I hope to God these songs won't be the last we hear.
Salvatore Bossio Virtual Music School:
Sal's incredible voice & new song "Fix Us":
I have no idea what's going on with this one but, I'm sure it invovles a lot of smoking & a lot of chilling.
He won 'Best Bassist' this year in AP magazine & no one derves that more than he does.
I really hope to hear more Earth shattering basslines from him in the (near) future.

I guess that covers it. I'm assuming Doug went back to doing whatever he was doing before the band & I wish him all the best.
This has been one long-ass post...
I still miss you, Envy.

Acacia Strain Show Update:

Still contemplating whether or not I'm going to this Acacia Strain show.
There's a girl in my Journalism class who introduced herself to the class by announcing that Acacia Strain is her favorite band.
Yesterday, I asked her if she was going to the show. First she said "yes" like I expected her to, then she backtracked stating "...I don't know, there a lot of awkward people that are going to be there".
Guess I'm not the only one who can't go certain places without sweating the idea of running into certain people.
There's something horribly wrong with that.
For the time being, I'm...still not sure.
I'd love to go. I've been dying to see the Acacia Strain & Whitechapel but, we'll see.
Still broke, still bored, still in this fucking town.


As I said not too long ago, I've had a whole essay(?)/post about Hayley Williams in my drafts. I'm still keeping my promise about that someday seeing the light of day...
however, I'm slowly getting driven crazy by this girl & it's becoming harder to not only finish that draft but to hold any sort of respect for her.
She is no longer a girl in a band (was there ever a band in the first place?).
She is a model, an actress, a solo artist & a bonafide celebrity.
Gwen Stefani is the new spokeswoman for some drugstore cosmetics line & I'm sure Hayley will be soon to follow.
I can't believe it's come to this but it's not worth giving two shits.
I'm so ashamed to say I ever called her a hero.

Monday, January 31, 2011


I think my computer's fucked up again.

Finally & Current Nails:

My second book finally showed up after nearly a month of waiting. Unfoutnately, as great as the book is, after waiting for so long, I'm considerably less excited about it. I'm sure it'll hit me at some point that I own it but, for now, it's laying on my bed as it has been for the past two days.

I call it Fairy Puke.
NYC- White Lights Glitter
Wet N' Wild- Kaleidoscope
Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes