Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Well, you'd probably think I'd been gone for so long because I was off working on that little "song challenge" of mine.
Course not.
I knocked out 2 & a half songs in...I don't know, almost 2 weeks.
It was a decent idea, but, for whatever reason, I can't commit to it just yet.

Anyway, I dropped that horrible fucking math class I was ranting about.
I went to class on Friday, sat next to this fine-ass fool named Brandon, watched South flirt with that whore for about 10 minutes & as soon as the teacher told us to take out our rulers & graph paper, I grabbed my shit & bolted.
I headed straight to my advisor & gave him every reason I had to not continue the class & he gave me a card with a list of dates when it'll be safe for me to withdraw.
My days are kind of vacant now & I most likely won't be seeing South...or Brandon anymore, but fuck it.
I have to do what's best for me & me only.

I thought I had a lot to say tonight, but I'm stupid-tired.
I overslept & missed my 8a.m. History class, then I had a huge Sign Lanuage test out of nowhere, then I had to go to the mall & turn in some applications, then I had to go grocery shopping...then, I babysat my next door neighbor's son.
Did I mention I was wearing 4 inch heels throughout all of this?
Yeah, pretty fucking stoked to be in my pajamas right now.

I had to stop by my car insurance office yesterday & instead of getting my usual older-woman agent, I got this crazy nice dude that resembled Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.
Definitely made my day...& reminded me to pick up Patrick's solo album that came out today.
Shameless plug.
I love that guy.

I'm gonna hit it.
I spent way too much money on clothes at the mall yesterday for no good reason, so I'm gonna go through my room & give the majority of my old clothes to the city mission.
I have A LOT of clothes to go through tomorrow &, of course, my awesome History class to look forward to at 8.
I'll try to check in with something slightly more interesting next time.

Goodnight. <3

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