Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Esto Va Suave...

In the school library as usual...
Currenly rocking the amazing music of the afore pictured men (that's Calle 13, if you ain't know).
For whatever reason, I've fallen back in love with this group & I've been listening to them NONSTOP for the past month or so.
No shit. I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning just to listen to 'Sin Coro' on repeat.
If Residente doesn't have the sexiest voice on the planet, I can't imagine who does.

Anyway, about the fool I was crushing on in my math class:
Looks like I took just a little bit too long to get my game up.
I really don't think he's deserving of his own alias just yet, but to make things a little bit easier, we'll call him...South.
Homeboy carries a lanyard that has "North Carolina" written all over it.
I've spent the majority of this semester trying to figure out what race this kid is.
Obviously, it doesn't matter what the fuck he is, but if you saw him, you'd understand why I'm so curious.
The man is beautiful.
A really, truly handsome guy.
My best guess?
His mom's latin & his father is white.
That's the only way he could get the world's whitest last name & still be as brown & beautiful as he is.
Yesterday, some hoe walked up to him & started a conversation about our math class that somehow really sparked his interest.
When we all went into class, I sat in the back like the punk I am, & they sat next to each other up front.
The motherfuckers talked throughout the entire class, then left early together.
Up until then, I'd never seen South smile, let alone laugh, but he definitely did a lot of that yesterday.
Now don't get me wrong, I know I don't own this guy.
He's a free man & can flirt with whatever girl he wants, but...fuck.
That was supposed to be mine one day.
Oh well.

I'd gotten up early yesterday to do my hair & makeup.
When I first started college, I told myself I would never show up to school looking like a scrub (i.e. no sweat pants, pajamas, wearing sandals if my feet don't look right, shorts if I haven't shaved my legs).
Simple shit.
However, the girl South was talking to yesterday was not only wearing sweats, her hair was a mess & her eyeliner was running.
I don't mean to put this whore down, she is a pretty girl.
I'm just saying, though.
I suddenly felt so self-conscious sitting there with all my makeup & tight jeans & shine-spray in my hair.
I'm slightly more dressed down today in a t-shirt, shorts (yes, I shaved my legs), & less-makeup.
I gotta say, I feel a lot more comfortable than I did yesterday.
I didn't do it to get South's attention.
Nah, fuck that.
That ship has sailed.
I didn't feel like going through the motions of my normal routine today & I was too busy shaking my ass to The Saturdays while getting dressed (I almost fell twice).
Sometimes, I just can't figure how I'm always on the wrong-end of things as far as boys go.
I texted my friend out of frustration when South was talking to his new buddy yesterday, but of course, I got ignored.
So, that's probably one of the main reasons you're hearing about this.

Other than that, I'm waiting for Thursday to roll around so I can talk to my advisor about getting out of this God-forsaken history class I'm in.
None of my classes are going right so far, this semester, but I gotta keep my head up.
At least the whole South situation didn't blow up as badly as DisasterCrush or anything like that.
There's some positivity.

I'll let you go for today.
'Baile De Los Pobres' is just begging to be blasted right now.


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