Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It begins.
The new semester was supposed to start back up today, but thanks to the lovely Irene, class were cancelled until 12.
Lucky for me, my last class was supposed to end at 12.
Unlucky for me, I got up at 6...& I'm still awake.

I don't even remember my first day of school last semester.
It feels less like a year ago & more like 3 years ago.
I remember it being insanely hot outside & everyone was outside.
No shit. It was like no one had classes to go to.
Everybody was playing frisbee or smoking cigarettes or laying out in the middle of the goddamn campus trying to catch a tan.
It's strange to think that I met Poetry Boy a year ago.
That feels more like a couple months ago.
It's strange that I haven't seen him since Dec. 18th, even though I feel like I was just in class with him yesterday.
It's kind of creepy how fast life starts moving once you get out of high school.

Anyway, I'm exhausted so my thoughts probably aren't making much sense to anyone who isn't.
That was a disclaimer & it probably should've been stated before everything else, but fuck it.
_ _ _ _ _ _

I wrote all of that yesterday, then took a nap & forgot I even wrote it.
Sooo...here we are.
It's the first day of school & I've already had my fair share of shitty moments.
1. The dude at Starbucks seriously fucked up my order (how hard is it to give me a fucking pack of brown sugar?).
2. Then, at the end of my first class, someone had to tell me that the sticker was still on my new jeans.
You know, the long-ass, hot pink sticker that has my size written on it in HUGE WHITE LETTERS.
Well, I guess I'm not gigantic, but it still sucked.
Thank God, the chick who told me was all cool & whispered it to me...it made me feel like I was in the Secret Service or some shit.
...& Thank God I was standing right next to a garbage can, so I could discreetly peel it off my jeans & toss it.

So, so far, so...decent.
I'm on a 2 hour break now & since I obviously have no homework yet & I don't want to lose my parking spot, looks like I'm stuck here in the library for a while.
I'd normally give you an update on the boy situation, but when I showed up to school today, there was a fog so thick on the campus, you could only see about 4 feet in front of you.
That makes it hella difficult to check out guys.
Now, it's beautiful & I'm kind of wishing I was outside, but I'm gonna fight that urge.
Let me go, before I start rambling again.
I'll catch up with you later...

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