Friday, August 5, 2011


I guess almost a month flew by without me posting.
I had a little somethin'-somethin' going on that was stressing me out a bit, & it ended up working out just fine.
So, I'm back.
I was out running errands all day yesterday, even though it was 300 degrees & I was wearing a black sweatshirt (don't ask).
One place I went was to Barnes & Noble to pick up Jason Myers latest novel, Dead End .
For those who do not know, Jason Myers is my favorite author.
Even though he's labeled as "teen fiction" & I stopped reading that recycled shit when I was 13, this dude has a way of writing stories like no one I've ever come across before.
I told myself last night, I'd read the first chapter, then watch a movie & hit that sack.
That turned into me reading the first 6 chapters, watching a movie & hitting the sack.
I love everything about Mr. Myers' writing & I hope to be half as good one day.
Read Exit Here if you haven't already.

Another one of my pit-stops was, of course, my college.
I can't escape that fucking place.
Although I've been chilling harder than hard all Summer, I've still been taking next semester into serious thought a lot lately.
I'm too shy for my own good, especially when it comes to attractive guys, & that's something that I'm always promising myself to work on...but I never do.
Maybe it's just the way I am & the way I'm supposed to be, but that can't be true if I'm always unhappy with the end results, right?
I did really well in school last semester & I've had a few little accomplishments this Summer, so I guess maybe I thought when school starts back up again, I'll be ready to take on the world...or at least one of it's men.
Leaving the financial aid office yesterday, I saw one of the most gorgeous, ever.
Flawless skin.
Perfect teeth.

Did I:
A) Walk up to him & introduce myself, like a strong confident woman?
B) Fake a slip n' fall at his feet so he'd help me up?
C) Ask him if he had the time, just to break the ice?

Done guessing?
Trick question.
I saw him coming with a group of his friends & once his head began to turn in my direction, I looked away as quickly as possible, refusing to look back at him just in case he...I don't know... saw me?
I'd wisely left the house wearing, yes, my black sweatshirt, torn up boyfriend-jeans & a pair of sneakers I've had since I was in 10th grade which have multi-colored gummy bears printed all over them.
In other words, I looked like fucking hell & a half.
I was hoping the guy didn't see my sweaty, gummy bear-covered ass at all & then I wondered why I always leave the house looking like a crazy person if I don't want anyone to think anything of me.
Still haven't figured that one out.

Anyway, this lucky girl has school 5 days a week next semester.
That's 5 days a week to make new friends.
5 Days a week to meet new people.
& 5 days a week to get my heart broken.
It's always something with me, isn't it?
I'm not making any plans to find a new best friend or fall in love, because you can't plan that kind of shit out.
Hope is what I got, so we'll see.

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