Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shitty Update:

Officially 20 (& 3 days), once again sitting in the school library "working" as always.
...Yes, I'm simultaneously eating rabbit food & contemplating making this whole place smell like chemicals by doing my nails but I'm 20, whore & I do whatever the fuck I want.
Anyway, my birthday was awesome.
I didn't do much of anything other than take a drive with my mom, get coffee at Starbucks & ingest a disgusting amount of pizza, wings & Mike's Hard Lemonade with my best friend, who I haven't seen to in almost 6 months, in the middle of the night.
That's a good birthday for me.
So, what's been going on with me?
Nothing, as usual.
Watching crazy amounts of Immortal Technique interviews.
Having panic attacks over the thought of the semester ending soon.
Trying to figure out how to successfully evade every assignment I've been given this week.
Nothing new over here.

However, we have a lot to talk about, you & I.
I just remembered a huge assignment I need to get done...like now.
So, I'll see you later.

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