Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tru Fax:

I have some super, SUPER exciting journalism homework to get started on, but I thought I'd stop in for a sec to drop some facts.
As you may or may not have figured out by now, I'm OBSESSED with band interviews.
As you also may or may not know, my favorite interviews of all time are with The Dillinger Escape Plan.
Why, you ask?
Because their interviews are always amazing.
Not only are these dudes hilarious, but they're incredibly intelligent & I could literally listen to them talk all day.
As someone who will hopefully spend the rest of my life interviewing musicians, there's nothing more refreshing than coming across a band who knows their shit.
This interview is not only one of my favorite Dillinger interviews, but one of my favorite interviews of any artist ever.
I'm not sure if the interviewer got sidetracked or if he purposely decided to ask a minimal amount of music-related questions, but he obviously asked the right band.
More often than not, when watching interviews with newer, more well-known bands, I get nothing but an ear-full of straight bullshit.
Most musicians make music their career because they have something to say.
These days, it's like kids are starting bands because they have nothing to say & no passion whatsoever.
It's a shame.
I wish I could watch one interview with any current, popular band without hearing "uhhhh...I don't know" as an answer to every question.
Dillinger gives me hope for the future of music.
This is a long interview, but it's well worth it.
My respect for Greg & Liam is insurmountable.

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