Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Feel a Disturbance in the Force:

Currently rocking some Mastodon.
Because it seems like every other decent band on the planet has either broken up or gone to shit.
After hearing the atrocious line-up for this year's Warped Tour & hearing all the horrible shit that's going down with some of my favorite bands, I'm beginning to wonder what's happening to the only scene I've ever felt cool in.

Jonny Craig has officially been kicked out of Emarosa.
I don't know who's more fucked: Jonny, Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, or the next band to get Jonny.
I have to say, Emarosa is pretty fucked from what I can tell.
Hardly anyone paid attention to Emarosa before Jonny joined & now that he's gone, I get the feeling they're back to square one.
Dance Gavin Dance is probably used to Jonny's antics & attitude so, if anything, they'll probably boot him again at some point.
Jonny isn't really getting the shit end of anything only because he lives in Jonny World. I'm sure he's well aware that there's many, many bands bidding on him already & I'm sure he'll fuck those chances up, too.
The next band to get Jonny has their work cut out for them & they'll be taking on a hefty responsibility that has a hard time taking care of itself.
Now that Jonny has broken off yet another engagement, maybe he'll just go back to his solo career.
As much as I've always said to love Jonny, I'm getting sick of having to see through his shit just to get to his music.
The bad is starting to outweigh the good & there's only one person on this planet who can turn that around.
I haven't given up all hope just yet, I'm just really disappointed is all.
Emarosa with Jonny Craig was one of the most brilliant bands I've heard in my entire life.
Relativity & their self-titled album will always have a place in my heart & I'm sorry such a beautiful thing had to end in such a tasteless way.
With all these talentless bands around today, I hate the fact Jonny refuses to use his gift for good.
He needs to get his shit together. At some point it's just not going to be cute anymore.

I believe I said something about not bringing them up anymore, or maybe I just said I was done talking about them.
Whatever it was that I said, I think Paramore has earned HER place in this post.
As you know, Paramore used to be one of my favorite bands & I still listen to All We Know is Falling & The Final Riot daily.
Paramore was another great & seemingly tight band that has, in my eyes at least, completely fallen apart to the point that if they broke up today, I really wouldn't give a shit.
Hayley is apparently on the new issue of Cosmopolitan this month & all I have to say about that is "gag".
I don't know what happened to the kind-of-strange, absolutely beautiful lead singer of Paramore but it's clear she's become nothing more than another bullshit celebrity.
Paramore is a fake memory that I hold close to my heart, but I'm so sick of Hayley & not being able to avoid her, it's making me hate her.

Jim LaMarca left Chimaira last year, Chris Spicuzza left this year & then Rob Arnold decided to join Six Feet Under.
Rob supposedly said he contributed to the new Chimaira album & I would hope to God that's true.
Judging by every Chimaira interview & dvd I've seen, Rob has a good head on his shoulders & the band might fall apart if he weren't involved.
I'm proud to say I saw Chimaira (unlike Emarosa or Paramore) before all this shit happened.
It was at my favorite venue EVARRR, the sound system sucked, & it's was freezing but I got to meet the guys after they played & they were, hands down, some of the nicest dudes I've ever met. They signed whatever it was I asked them to sign & even though it was just another cold, shitty show in the middle of nowhere, they all seemed ecstatic...then Chris Spicuzza got up, began to walk away, spun around, ran into me & almost knocked my little 5-foot-self over.
I love Chimaira with a passion.
They've overcome so much bullshit & become one of the most awesome bands I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.
I hope these 3 changes don't throw them off too much, I'd really hate to lose them.

The only thing worse than watching some of my favorite bands disintegrate is the fact that there's no one currently good enough to take their places. I don't know what's happening to music or how it's all going to end, but the small glimpse of the future I can see is starting to freak me out.
There are certain older bands that continue to blow my mind on the daily but as far as new blood goes, I never imagined it would get this bad.

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