Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Excuse my stunning handwriting but the above photo is a message I wrote in my notebook for one very special boy to never see.
A guy in one of my classes, Nü-Dork, had been getting my attention for a while.
I'm not sure why, it wasn't like I had a crush on him or anything, but he sat next to me almost every day.
He's decent looking but not gorgeous.
He's smart but lazy as all hell.
& on top of all that, he's engaged.
Fine by me, I wasn't interested in the least.
Nü-Dork was a very nice, friendly guy & I knew he used to play bass in a band as a teen, so when we were sent to the library for research during my class & he once again sat next to me, I decided to strike up a conversation.

Me: So...What kind of music are you into?
Nü-Dork: Mostly metal.

I tried to contain my excitement to the best of my ability.
Could this be the beginning of something amazing?

Me: Me too. That's awesome. Who's your favorite band?
Nü-Dork: Disturbed.

I almost gagged. Then my nausea turned into anger.

Me: (laughing) They're not metal.
Nü-Dork: Disturbed has songs that have touched my life & that's saying A LOT.
Me: (shaking my head violently)...Oh My God.

Now he was mad at me for shitting on his favorite band & I was mad at him for calling Disturbed metal.
I'm not the type to hate on someone else's taste in music but this was the second time this semester someone told me Disturbed was their favorite "metal" band.
Bonus, the other person to tell me that was sitting on the other side of me & they continued to talk about Disturbed while I sat litterally in the middle of their conversation.
Bonus bonus, I had to tell them David Draiman's name because they didn't know who the lead singer of Disturbed was.
Ugh, just ugh.
Nü-Dork now sits next to his new companion in class...who sits in front of me.

I don't consider a band like Disturbed to be metal.
In my eyes, they are radio friendly, over saturated nü-metal & nü-metal went down like the Titanic about 10 years ago.
To be uneducated on a band you consider your favorite band seems ignorant to me.
It's even more ignorant to get upset if someone doesn't consider your band to be part of a certain genre.
I don't necessarily consider Nü-Dork to be a pussy just because he has a different idea of metal than I do.
That would be even more ignorant.
I guess maybe I was just ready to have a passionate conversation with someone about Lamb of God, Unearth & Pantera for the first time in at least a few years.
Disappointed would suffice.
Guess I'm gonna have to wait a little bit longer until someone with some sense comes into my life...

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