Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well Lookie Here...

Looks like my half-assed work paid off.
I got an A on that dreaded essay I was ranting about recently.
It was a Classification/Division essay & I wrote it on some of the groups of people you see at any given metal show.
I thought it was pretty comical but seeing as my professor is a fucking retard, he took the whole thing very seriously.
Whatever, I got my A.
Did I mention I woke up late for that same class today?
I rushed to get there to at least catch the last few minutes of class. Mind you, I live 25 minutes (depending on traffic) from the school & I had some very important hair & makeup to do first.
I get there a half hour late & the professor goes:
"Do you work?"
Me: "Yes."
Professor Dumbass: "Do you show up 34 minutes late for your job?"
Me: "No."
Professor Dumbass: "Then, what's going on here?"
Are you fucking serious?
On any other given day, I'm literally the first person in the classroom.
No shit. I turn on the lights & everything.
I've really had enough of this class & the professor.
Let me move on before I start getting riled up about nothing.
Tomorrow's the last day of Forum.
...You know what that means.
Ugh, moving on.
I'm going out later tonight for some retail therapy...or something like that. I basically ran out of toothpaste. Good times.
Anyway, I need to eat.
I'm going back & forth between a Dillinger interview with the never-ending entertainment of Greg Puciato & Liam Wilson, & a Job for a Cowboy interview with the never-ending awkwardness of Jonny Davy.
I have the house to myself for the first time in 25 years.
I'll talk to you later...

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