Thursday, March 31, 2011


I guess I just don't fucking get it.
So, there's this girl, we'll call her TwoFacedBitch. 2FB for short...or to save me typing time cause they have the same amount of syllables.
I went to high school with 2FB for the first 2 years, then she apparently left to go to another high school.
Long story shy, we know a lot of the same people from high school, we both know our shit when it comes to metal & we're in the same journalism class.
Awesome, right?
For our final journalism project, we were to get in groups & write a zine together.
Seeing as the only thing I give half a shit about is music, I immediately stood up, ran across the room & recruited 2FB, a.k.a. the only metalhead I know aside from DisasterCrush1, to be in my group.
She said yes without hesitation, 3 more people joined the group & we named ourselves The Destroyers.
Sometime after this, I decided it would be fitting to add 2FB on Facebook.
We have a huge amount of mutual friends, I know her personally & now we have this big final assignment to work on together.
Well, she denied my request.
For what reason?
Who the fuck knows.
I gotta say, I felt pretty awkward the next day when I had to walk into class & see 2FB but the bitch literally ignores me unless she has to talk to me.
I may not always seem like it on this site, but I'm a very nice girl.
I'm always willing to make friends with ANYONE & when I find out someone listens to metal, it's in my blood to want to get to know them more.
On days where we're put into groups, she's my best friend.
We talk about bands, people from high school & problems within the music industry.
It just seems natural for us to be friends.
Then, on days where we actually have a lecture, she sits nowhere near me, doesn't talk to me & won't make eye contact.
The fuck is wrong with you, 2FB?
The reason this issue is just coming up now, is because in the hallway yesterday, the crazy bitch was taking up all the air with her ridiculous stories.
It was me, her, & about 10 of our classmates in an empty hallway waiting for our professor to show up.
Though the hallway is only so wide, she managed to stand right in front of me & not look at me once.
No shit. This chick was so close to me I could smell her cigarette scented clothes, her Red Bull breath & the vanilla perfume she sprays all over herself.
At that point, I was done.
She started telling a story about a girl in her class who doesn't like her because she listens to metal & then she moved on to lying about going out to a lesbian bar & getting her drinks paid for all night.
Trust me, a girl can tell when another girl is lying.
Everyone laughed at her bullshit stories, she get louder & louder, & my head began to hurt.
You can't try to make friends with everyone.
Because people are CRAZY.
Even though 2FB has a lot in common with me, she obviously has a problem that I don't have a solution for.
We'll be in our groups again tomorrow so I know it'll be another fuddy-buddy day, but I just can't be bothered anymore.
I'm going to make sure to keep to myself & not talk to 2FB unless I have to.
There's a dude in my group who listens to Killswitch & he seems to be the same person every day, so maybe I'll keep my metal conversations exculsive with him.
I'm excited to work on this zine & finally write on the subject of something that actually interests me.
I can't allow stupid bitches to get in my way...

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