Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tru Fax:

Sometimes I feel like this site knows a lot about my life but very little about me as a person.
Let me re-introduce myself...
Almost 20.
Upstate New York.

I Love:
-Long Nails
-Spongebob Squarepants
-Acoustic Guitars
-Dark Hair
-New Underwear
-Mexican Food
-Neon Nail Polish
-Songs About Sex
-Funny Guys
-Dillinger Escape Plan Interviews
...& I could go on all day

I Don't Like:
-Bad teeth
-Broken Nails
-Bad Writers
-Genocide get the idea

I Always:
-Fall in love every day
-Write every day
-Read every day
-Eat A LOT
-Obsess over nonsense
-Have a broken heart
-Keep my nails painted

I Never:
-Use racial slurs
-Have sleepovers
-Feel 100% comfortable unless I'm alone
-Go to Parties
-Have money
-Smoke weed

I'll try to do these more often.
Though I'm not the most facinating person, I think it's necessary.

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