Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still Alive

& very much awake.
I've been writing a post about Jonny Craig since yesterday, but after seeing him puke on stage the other night, I think I'm gonna take a little vacation from that.
I got through about an hour & a half of the author's speech yesterday.
The auditorium filled up so quickly, I was put in a room with about 200 other people & we had to watch the speech on a giant projection screen.
No shit. The lights went out & I passed the fuck out.
I tried pretty hard to stay awake, but if you put a college student in a dark room with someone reading you a 45 minute long "short" story, it's fucking bedtime.
The second story she read was only about 20 minutes long & it was actually pretty interesting.
After that was over, I proceed to go home, put a Ryan Gosling movie in my dvd player & fall asleep before I could even press play.
Now it's almost midnight & I'm inspired to do some reading & writing tonight...but, we'll see.
I've been thoroughly entertained by every Job for a Cowboy interview on YouTube, lately.
Serously, something about the way Brent talks could make me happy even if the world were to come to it's very end right now.
...I should stop saying shit like that.
On a slightly different note, I'm so fucking sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen.
Please stop giving him attention.
Anyway, I'm gonna go try to get some writing done.

Goodnight. <3

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