Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Am I Doing?:

That seems to be the question of my life.
Why am I at school an hour earlier than I need to be?
Why did I take the time to wear a brand new outfit, do my hair & take extra pride in my makeup today?
Why I am on the computer in the school library, telling you all this when I have a funtional computer at home?

Because I'm fucking crazy.

Yeah, it's Forum day.
I guess I sort of got over all of the emotions that were choking me up the other day & now I'd like to think I'm somewhere back-to-good.
No promises, though.
With me, you never really know what's going to happen or how.
I'm hoping for the best case scenario.
After what happened & how I reacted, I'm not sure what the best case scenario really is, but I'm sure it's very different from the ideal.
I finished Assholes Finish First yesterday & now I'm scrambling to find another decent book that isn't one of the generic teen fiction novels that, for whatever reason, litter my bedroom.
I don't know why my body is looking forward to this class right now.
As I've said, it is one of the worst classes a person could be subjected to.
I clearly have a problem & I need to learn to control myself.
Why this school accepted me, I don't know.

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