Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Ramble:

This is the last place I need to be right now.
"This" meaning, this site.
I have so much work to do, it's disgusting.
But...I work well under pressure, I've gotten a little bit done, it's Valentine's Day & I've decided to marry Jesse Bradford.
Yeah, I found my old VHS of Swimfan last Friday & I've managed to watch it 11x since then.
I was scouring YouTube to find some videos of the real Jesse Bradford (as opposed to his characters) & he seems like a dick.
Totally full of himself with nothing but a few older movies to back him up.
I don't know what it is with attractive guys being so full of shit. His smile alone could kill off a small country & I think maybe he's a little too aware of that.
But, whatever. He's still stupid gorgeous & a girl can still dream.
I'm drawing a blank this morning. Normally, I have too much to say, but today, I'm just trying to get a mental list of what I need to do going.
I tried to wash out my thermos this morning & I guess I didn't rinse it very well because now I have a mixture of tea & soap to drink.
Fuck it, I'll just buy a Pepsi.
I was flipping through the channels last night & I came across the Grammy's.
Who comes on as soon as the channel changes?
Paramore...or a half-dressed Hayley Williams & the remaining members of her back-up band (bouns points if you can name them).
I'm not going to get into that, but I'm glad Muse won the award.
Anyway, not feeling today's "Valentine's Day" vibe & by the looks of it, no one else here is either.
Everyone's half asleep, surfing Facebook or pretending to be busy with work (like me).
Surprisingly, I'm not in the mood for complaining about the fact I've gone 20 years without a single Valentine.
I'm guessing that's just life.
Jesse's my Valentine this year.
Everything is slowly starting to work itself out...again.
I say that all the time & then something goes wrong, & then something else goes wrong, then there's the always predictable "UGH" post.
Whatever. For the time being I'm not sweating too much (even though it's fucking hot outside for the first time in months).
That sounds kind of silly.
This kid next to me is complaining about how hot it is outside & it's only 50 degrees.
I'm sure that's fridgid for some places in the U.S. but for us, this is fucking summer.
...I'm rambling.
I wrote an entire essay for tomorrow's 8 a.m. English class then changed my mind last minute & now I'm writing the essay over on a different subject.
I should probably go.
Time to get some work done.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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