Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh Hai:

I'm a firm believer in jinxing people...especially myself, so I'm not about to go apeshit, talking about how I think my bad days may be coming to a slow halt.
I just had a conversation with that know, THAT guy?
The one I seem to have a staring problem with?
Well, since Poetry Boy has offically flown the coup & there's probably no way he's ever coming back, let me introduce you to:
Forum Boy!
Originality is my specialty.
Anyway, I was heading into my advisor's office when I saw him sitting in there.
Long story shy, I felt awkward as fuck & almost asked the secretary if I could come back at another time to avoid having to share 1 inch worth of leg space with the most gorgeous guy in this school.
Lucky for me, keeping it cool is also my specialty.
I sat down & pretended to text...furiously.
Seriously, I pantomimed this texting so dramatically, he must've thought I was trying to text 911.
Still, despite all my efforts to not seem flustered, he struck up a convesation.
And it was a pretty fucking good one.
He's a fellow metalhead (can't say the same for Poetry Boy), he's funny & he's got the mouth of a sailor.
God Must've Spent A Little More Time On Youuuuu...
It's Forum day, so I'll be seeing him in again in an hour, something he confirmed before leaving the office (squeal), but I still have a shit ton of work to do.
I feel lucky to be sharing a class with this guy; there's thousands of attractive boys on this campus but NONE of them are in any of my classes.
No seriously, not a single fucking one.
I may seem crazy for trying to see anything more in this guy than pretty face but,
Sanity is not my specialty.
We'll see how goes.
I've got an hour to kill and no money or energy to do anything but daydream.
Maybe I'll do some school work, maybe I won't.
In college, you learn to figure shit out on the fly.
The dude next to me is doused in Axe body spray.
Like he marinated in that shit.

I gotta go.
Good talk.

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