Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year, Same Mariah.
I spent the day with 3 of my friends & I felt like I couldn't shut the fuck up.
I was sitting in the backseat with another friend in the beginning of the day, then one friend went home & I was the only one riding in the backseat.
Fine by me.
I just felt like a yippy little chihuahua, barking like the mailman just showed up.
I guess I'm not used to going out, especially with friends & I got excited.
I'm thinking I should lay low for the next few days.
Anyway, to add insult to injury, I we stopped by our college so we could pick up our parking decals for the Spring semester. The dude handing out the forms & decals was the most gorgeous guy I've seen all year (crazy, I know).
He seemed nice enough before we approached him; he was talking to some guy about how his father just retired after working for 30 years.
...Then he became dramatically less friendly when my friend & I approached him. He didn't once make eye contact, didn't ask us the questions he asked my other friend, then muttered "here's this" while handing me the decal.
What the fuck?
Clearly, 2011 hasn't changed my luck with boys.
I hope I don't run into him again when school starts up. Just cause he's a dick doesn't mean I'm not still gonna have a crush on him.
Maybe he's just mood swinging like I am. I hear, guys PMS too.
I know I need to be more aggressive when it comes to boys but, I'm a quiet person by nature & I don't think anything is going to change that.
Isn't there a decent looking dude who enjoys quiet chicks, out there?
I thought guys don't like it when chicks talk, anyway?

It's too early to write the entire year off.
But, shit.
What a fucking weirdo that dude was...

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