Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm So Indie...

My first thought this morning was on the subject of bands or people "selling out" & those who refuse to suport said artists once they've become mainstream, being considered "indie".
I guess in some ways I'm the epitome of "indie".
For starters, I hate major motion picutres (i.e. anything involving Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, etc.).
I don't go to movie theatres. If I'm interested in a film, I just buy it once it comes out on dvd...or, more commonly, I'll just blind-buy movies.
Ryan Gosling is my favorite actor but I despise the fact he only get recognition for The Notebook.
I still call bands "sellouts" when their music changes or they begin to thrive off popularity.
I live for obscure bands that no one has ever heard of.
And...I dig flannel shirts?
I'm not sure if anyone has seen the new viral video 'Pale Kid Raps Fast", you know, other than the 3 million plus viewers.
I guess that video is what fueled this weak rant.
I've mentioned George Watsky (a.k.a. the Pale Kid) on this site a few times & it sort of bothered me at first that the this video was the only piece of George's work that's gotten this much recognition.
He is one of the most talented & creative poets I've ever encountered.
His timing is impeccable & his delivery is deadly.
Maybe this 'Pale Kid' video will get people interested in some of his other work but, my fear is that he's going to be spun into a flash in the pan kind of deal.
My respect for George Watsky is insurmountable & the last thing I want is for people to think rapping quickly makes him a one trick pony.
Despite my "indie" roots, I will always support George Watsky.
I'm starting to think that I wasn't frustrated about the fact he was getting overnight attention as much as what the attenion was for.
He is so much more than a fast talker. If anything, I hope that video triggers people to type 'George Watsky' into the YouTube search bar & see what a mind this kid has.
To backtrack, I don't think George is a "sellout" or thriving off this popularity in a negative way.
George Watsky's art makes me want to be a better person.
That's it...
On a different note, "Pale Kid Raps Fast" is unbelievable & it makes this New York girl sound like I'm from Southern Georgia.
Props, Mr. Watsky.

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