Saturday, December 25, 2010

On a Slightly Different Note:

I hate to say it but, I think I may have made a full 180 on my opinions of Big Ben.
Maybe not a complete 180, something more like a 154.
Not because he just lost to the Jets (or got punched in the face...or got his nose shattered) but because I can't seem to stop finding dirt on him.
And I mean DIRT.
Ben has literally spent the entire year of 2010 apoligizing for everything he's done in the past. Unfortunately, it's not like he's apolgizing for being an arrogant asshole, he apoligizing for the fact he's finally getting called out on it.
If there's anything I've noticed about this one, it's that he's really quite immature.
Maybe it's the fact he's so gigantic he seems like a big tough guy but, I somehow don't think that's the case. Not always, at least.
Let me step back for a hot second.
I still don't think Ben is a bad person.
I think there are very few "bad" people in the public eye.
However, with money comes greed, superficiality, & a sense of superiority.
Not for a minute don't I believe people want to be friends with Ben or have sex with him because of his status alone.
Obviously. Everyone has an agenda.
It just wish some people with money could take their fame in a more subtle stride.
Anyway, I'm getting off track.
Of course you can't believe everything you hear but, when you're hearing the same things over and over from different people, what the fuck else can you do?
Bottom Line: I shouldnt've read that Sport's Illustrated article.
Any Ben Roethlisberger fan or hater knows exactly what I'm talking about.
All that shit can't be lies. It just can't.
I'm not Ben's mother, mentor, friend or even acquaintance but, the way he's able to throw a ball perfectly to one of his teammates without even checking to see where they are first is a gift & something worth praise if he could just get his shit together off the field.
A little respect is all it takes.
I'll most likely be working until the day I die & I'm sure not a single person will ever ask for my autograph. Little things like signing for people blow my mind.
He's a lucky dude. Even when he's getting the shit annoyed out of him, it's a compliment.
I don't know if the above video is the "real" Ben, the "new" Ben, or someone trying way too hard to be nice when their nice side has been totally depleted.
Whoever it is, he's handsome & I wish him all the best.


I got:
-Two notepads
-A Barnes & Noble gift card
-A New Mousepad
Then I ordered a bunch of shit off of
Not a fan of Christmas but, it's been a good day.
Hope yours was even better.
Merry Christmas. <3

Well..Merry X-Mas...Eve...Night...?

Just made brownies, & cleaned up the entire kitchen which took FOREVER.
Now I have to clean the living room, then go out to the car & get my mom's presents while she's asleep (it's 22 degrees outside a.k.a. too cold to snow).
Have a good Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Christmas-y nails won't last until Christmas.
I tried.
Back to neon.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dying right now.

I love Jeremy Shockey but I wish he could've stayed with New York.
And lol @ the ref trying to blow his whistle like it's going to break up the fight.


Haven't done one of these posts in a while, but it's more than necessary.
I'm getting frustrated about the fact I have no zero.
The money I have in my savings needs to stay there because the seasonal job I was working ended & now I have no income whatsoever.
Obviously I need to start applying to more jobs but getting a job doesn't happen overnight.
I don't have any money for Christmas shopping so, everyone is gonna have to be satisfied with a nice card.

I feel like such a failure sometimes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Proof that any guy capable of growing a beard, should do so.
This song is too beautiful & Gavin's not so bad himself.