Friday, November 19, 2010

Just wanted to post a picture of my favorite girls back when they were the only people I looked up to.
I'm in a music-based nostalgic mood & this picture could make me cry right about now.
Support young bands, you'll miss who they used to be.
Goodnight. <3

Shameful Josh Update:

So...I haven't yet bought Josh's new album...& I'm feeling just semi-awful about it.
I've been reading some hot & cold reviews on it, & no one really seems to have a solid opinion except for the diehard Grobanites who are just happy he made another album.
As I said about two weeks ago, I've been blasting one of his singles, Voce Existe Em Mim, like a mad woman. However, the greatness of that single is only matched by the lackluster-ness of, Hidden Away & Higher Window, two more singles he's actually promoting now.
I downloaded all three singles at the same time & Hidden Away as well as Higher Window still have yet to interest me half as much as Voce Existe Em Mim (even though English is the only language I'm fluent in).
Someone on iTunes said Illuminations sounds like a shitty inspirational Christian album which, surprisingly, doesn't make me want to buy it & blast it in my car like some old-school Lamb of God.
After the unblievable explosion of popularity Josh endured with his third studio album, Awake, he'd have to put something out that is no less than spectacular to outdo himself.
I'm not sure if he did it, but I guess the only way to find out is to buy that fucking album & continue to support a man with a voice bigger than any stadium you try to contain it in.
I'm listening to Voce Existe Em Mim now for the hundredth time & I'm still getting chills like I've never heard it before.
That, in itself, is enough for me to give the entire album a chance.

Random Daily Haiku:

Who needs love to live?
Who needs love to wear a smile?
Only cowards do.

I didn't go to school today,

because I didn't feel like it.
I went shopping instead.
After skipping class to push through thousands of idiots at the mall,
I learned I didn't need to go to my Sociology class to realize how much people annoy me.

Rofl @ these hoes trying to get at my man. Can't blame them, though.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Daily Haiku:

Better to find out
in the worst way possible,
than to never know.

I think Perez Hilton said it perfectly when he said that Joeseph Gordon Levitt has core fans that, for whatever reason, show up to his shows. Perez was also right when he said this cover fucking sucks.
Joeseph Gordon Levitt is an exceptional actor & crazy handsome in a unique, not-so-everyday way. However, he's not much of a musician based on this video.
He got some shitty guitar work going on &, let's be honest, he can't really sing.
He sounds like a dude in a bar singing karaoke.
JGL has said it himself: he's pretentious.
Why he's proud of that, I don't know. Musically, he has nothing to back it up.
After hearing this atrocious cover & the hipster chicks moaning afer every word he sings, I think I'll stick to this dude's movies from now on.
Not everyone in Hollywood is a double threat.


is why people are often conflicted when it comes to the lovely Jonny Craig.
One minute he's goofy & adorable, the next minute he's conceited & acting like a complete asshole.
The only thing that really bothers me about his behavior is the fact there are artists 1000x bigger than him, who still remain humble.
Jonny has never had a number one hit, nor do any of the big names in most generes even know who he is.
He would be the total package if he could just stay down to earth.

Props to Brandon Sloter for filming this & putting up with Jonny's shit. Truly one of the nicest & most talented photographers/videographers I've ever met.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And because it is a shitty day...or night...

I'm ADDICTED to this song & video.
I never noticed what a filthy mouth Yela has until I heard the clean version of this song & EVERYTHING he says is censored.
As long as he keeps his shirt off, I'll watch a video of him reading the Bible.


the things I would do to this guy are...probably illegal... in at least 35 states.
Thanks for making this shitty, cold, fall day hot as living fuck.

Why is Yela not in my bed right now? This dude is hip hop...

I really

need to sit my ass down on the couch & read this book for a while.
However, I have to leave & head back to school at 5:25.
I feel like I should at least put some makeup on & try to look decent,
but the only cute boy in the class sits behind me & he's just semi-cute.

Boredom is toxic.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just bought this book.

I have a research paper due next week & I decided to write mine on Charles Bukowski.
We'll see how goes...

Monday, November 15, 2010

NO ONE understands me like Tumblr.
I'm gonna do my nightly routine
& hopefully get a lot of writing done tonight.
Today has been informative to say the least.
Can't wait for tomorrow.

Goodnight. <3

Random Daily Haiku:

I'm not who I am
yet. But I will be one day.
I hope one day soon.


I guess you don't really know who someone is until they tell you in their own words.
You can idolize someone all day & quote every fucking word that comes out of their mouth, but it doesn't mean you understand them.
I'm starting to learn more about someone I've looked up to since I was 15 & it's kind of scary.
I think I forgot that he's a real guy.
He talks about himself almost as much as I talk about myself, but it's in kind of a pretentious way.
I don't think I ever knew who he was in the first place.
I'm thinking maybe it's about time I stop trying to figure everyone out.
It's a habit.
A bad one.
And I can't win.
It's winter here in upsate New York & I always start losing my mind around this time.
Little things like finding out I've been enamoured with someone who is apparently made up, is annoying as fuck & I can only blame myself for it.
I feel like this dude sorta has his head up his ass...well, not sorta, he really fucking does.
I guess we're only a few years apart & he needs to do as much soul searching as I do, but I don't talk about myself like I'm the second coming of Jesus.
Because I'm not.
Staying humble is one of the most attractive traits I can think of & this dude just doesn't seem to possess it.
Confidence is easily confused with arrogance, I know.
I guess I'm just irritated.
I feel like a small part of me just died.

(The title is a link. Get my gist)


Billy Rymer is now in a band with Ryan Hunter & Brian Byrne.


Today might be the best day of my life.

I can't even remember my first name right now....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

At this point, I think I'm agitated for numerous reasons.
1. I feel like I'm playing games with someone I really like...or I'm just terrible at reading signals
2. This paper needs to be done by 8 a.m. tomorrow
3. Last night sucked
4. The last two are results of number 1
I think I need to just chill out for a while.
I'm gonna write, listen to Envy on the Coast & possibly go for a drive to clear my head.
I HATE Sundays.


Why do I feel like I'm ALWAYS writing a fucking English paper?
Maybe it has something to do with being an English major but, I'm calling writer's block right now.
I hate feeling like I've wasted an entire day & yesterday seems pretty wasted.
I could've at least finished my outline...