Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've learned that I cannot dislike Mod Sun. I'm really not a fan of his music at all so, I tried to dislike him as well.
Especially after watching this interview. He really lives up to his name, Modern Sunshine. He's so happy & relaxed & hilarious, you'd have to be cold-hearted to say he isn't one cool motherfucker.
I'm still not into his music, but I could seriously fall in love with that personality.

Hayley Williams has the sexiest little body & I think the reason I'm so attracted to it is because it's kind of like a dude's.
Sorry, girl.
You're beautiful.


-Paint my nails
-Do my makeup
-Fix my hair
-Get my shit together

All in under 2 hours.
No harm in doing it all in front of the computer, right?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sick of hearing about Jonny yet?

No revelations tonight.
I was just watching some live Emarosa videos & blasting all things Jonny, earlier.
What else can I say? I love this dude.
And yeah, I may have a thing for redheads, but seriously...
He's almost as pretty as his fucking voice.
Props to however took this shot.
Your timing couldn't have been more perfect.
Goodnight. <3

Juliet Simms' voice is otherworldly. Not sure why Automatic Loveletter isn't as big as bands like Paramore &, dare I say it, Hey fucking Monday, but they should be. We need more raw talent in the scene.

...And I scored this cute little blender.
Never been more stoked about a kitchen appliance.

A little late but...

still continuing to support one of the funniest dudes alive.
Bo Burnham is life.
Stuck at school.
Bored for an hour until my poetry class at 2... where I will continue to be bored.
There's a couple things I could be getting done right now, but I'm not really feeling them.
The only reason I show up for Poetry is the certain someone I keep bringing up. The class in incredibly boring & we hardly do any writing. Right now we're in the worst fucking chapter so far.
If this dude didn't feel the need to sit next me in class everyday, I wouldn't even bother showing up.
I guess I can thank him for my decent attendance record.
I'm not gonna lie, though. This semester has been boring as shit.
I kinda just want to go home, paint my nails & listen to Jonny Craig.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Envy on the Coast will forever be a part of my life. What other band can play an improv jam sesh as sick as this?
Jer Velardi is my favorite bassist of all time.

I just watched a bunch of old episodes of Meet the Barkers that I taped back in 05'. Shanna Moakler/Barker is still one of my favorite girls in the entire world. This show was BOMB.

I couldn't wake up today,

let alone go to school...for 45 mins.
I don't know why I was so tired but I just woke up about a half hour ago.
Im up now.
Time to eat some peanut butter & listen to Dillinger.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Possibly the strangest shot of a metal band I've ever seen.
Did Billy really have to fuck it up by not wearing black?
Ugh, drummers.
What a handsome group of dudes...
Goodnight. <3

I adore Buddy. He is one of the few people left in the music business that willingly speak their mind in interviews. He's 100% right in the points that he makes, as well. All Time Low started out as a great band. Their songs were ridiculously catchy & Alex is, no doubt, a good singer. But as time went on, they gained more popularity & were suddenly every-fucking-where. It got to the point where I don't even think half the girls that went to their shows actually owned half of ATL's music. It was all about how hot Alex is & how funny Jack is. ATL's newest album has done better than anything that they've released before, but it's a shitty record. You just can't convince me that band didn't get fucking lazy on that album.
And as for, Boys Like Girls, please don't even get me started. They have gone from a decent band, to the most atrocious display of audible vomit, I've ever heard. I won't get into each individual in the band, because I don't know shit about them. I think it would've been respectable for the drummer to keep his mouth closed, though. Senses Fail has had a huge impact on their scene & Boys Like Girls never will.
The whole 'death' comment was a little weird. I've been reading the comments on this video & everyone who doesn't like Buddy or supports ATL & BLG is calling him out on that whole 'van accident' thing. I think what he was trying to say is, there are people who litterally lose their lives on the road, giving all that they've got for music. He was comparing that to the fact there are bands out there who can't even give enough of themselves to write their own lyrics, let alone run the risk of death for their art.
I think.
I guess I'm somewhat biased in this arguement because I love Buddy. In fact, I'm probably a bigger fan of Buddy than I am of Senses Fail. They're a great band, but Buddy always seems to stay real & keep a good head on his shoulders. Senses Fail does, in fact, have better lyrics than most bands around today & Buddy does write every single word himself. Maybe he was wrong in bringing up the whole conversation, but at the end of the day, it's his opinion & someone asked him for it.

Currently beating this song to death:

His voice is inhuman.
Love Josh...<3
A little upset that I'm not doing ANYTHING for Halloween but, it'll probably come back next year.
Last year, I went to the shittiest Halloween party at a semi-friend's house.
I hate parties.
I'm not a big people person & when there's 500 drunk, ignorant people dressed as God-knows-whats surrounding me, I tend to get annoyed.
I don't even remember how the night ended.
My best friend's boyfriend had to come pick us up & take us to a gas station to get drinks...& I have no idea what happened after that.
So, maybe it's good that I'm spending my time on here today.
At least everything I'm doing is documented, now.