Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rody is too cute. That is all.

I've been listening to

Kezia like crazy lately. This band deserves more respect.

My Dearest Steven Childs,

Don't think I haven't noticed The Veronicas practically ripped off your song. 'Never See You Again' is much better than 'Could've Been' but the lyrics are almost identical & seeing that y'all know each other quite well, it's pretty obvious.
You are an extremely talented artist, I wouldn't take this as anything less than a compliment.
Get over her.

Me & Mark

I'm about 200% addicted to Josh from Evergreen Terrace's punk-tinged, acoustic side-band, Me & Mark. Every single song is amazing (sadly, there's only four) & I'm eventually going to buy a couple of the physical copies (one for my car & one for a lucky friend). There's not much more I can say about this band, I've only been listening to them for a little over a week now & I go on Myspace everyday just to hear them.
The title is a link, check that shit out.

Alright so,

first off, I haven't turned on Jonny Craig. I obviously went out & bought the new issue of OUTBURN despite the shit I talked about Jonny's interviews. This one wasn't super different, but I have to give the interviewer credit for asking questons that were answered by facts I never knew about Jonny & his bands.
Still, Jonny found ways to talk shit about his ex-girlfriend, but I guess that's expected. Does he ever have decent break-ups?
Overall, it was a good interview, & possibly the best Jonny interview to date (I've probably watched, listened to, or read every one so far). There's a pretty sick Acacia Strain interview in there too. I'm so facinated by Vincent's hatred of everything, his interviews are often comical to me.
My only bone to pick with the issue is the fucking price. $4.95 may not seem like a lot for a music-based magazine, but I'm running on pretty tight budget now & that $5 hit my wallet like a bomb.

I need to caught up on here.

Yeah, I'm still alive.
I've been running around a bunch & I have a new job now,
other than that,
my laziness is to blame.
Anyway, getting ready to drive my girl to work,
I'll be back in a few.