Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goodnight. <3
Selfishness is one of the worst attributes a person can possess.
I think Hayley Williams said it well:
You don't deserve a point of view, if the only thing you see is you.
A girl I've come to know (I'd be lying at this point to call her my friend), seems get more & more self-centered with each passing day.
Her boyfriend & other friends support it, but after a while, that shit gets on my nerves.
She woke me up with a text this morning inviting me to her birthday dinner at Olive Garden, ending the text wtih: 'I'll be pretty upset if you don't go. It'll be hard to be friends after that.'
This is the same girl who freaked out on me in a Target 3 weeks before my birthday & didn't have the common courtesy to wish me a happy birthday on the actual day.
Now she wants me to drop $20+ at a shitty Americanized-Italian restaurant, just to keep our friendship intact?
I'll pass.
Truthfully, I don't have money to spend on food I don't even like & I don't have to patience to sit around & honor this girl who only seems to honor herself.
So no, I'm not going to be there that night.
I'll probably spend the night alone, reading in my room but I can guarantee I'll be much happier.
She, her much more tolerant than I friends, & her pussy boyfriend can enjoy a night dedicated to a girl who never once steps outside of herself to see the world around her.
Count me out.

This interview is too funny; any Evergreen interview with Josh is hilarious. Not to fangirl out here, but Jason is cute as fuck.

So long, Poison the Well. You changed music forever.

And the answer is...

NO! I will not get to see Paramore tomorrow. For once I have the cash but my best friend is working & I wouldn't want to go without her. Shit sucks, this is the 3rd concert to fall through this week...

Christmas in July: Part 1

I bought Vice's Guide to Sex, Drugs & Rock And Roll last night, then my mom suprised me with Columbine this morning. If there's four things I love it's sex, drugs, rock and roll, & violence?
I love learning about Columbine for whatever sick reason. I find it facinating that no one will ever really know why Eric & Dylan did what they did. I'm also kind of into it because I'm so young & it's one of the few American tragedies I'm actually old enough to remember, but I guess that's beside the point. What I was trying to get at here, is that a nerd's dreams have come true today.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

'Addicted' would probably suffice.
Goodnight. <3

Double dose, yo.

No, I will never get over the fact Envy broke up, it's only been about 3 weeks & even if they hadn't, I'd still be posting videos of them all the time (like I have been since I created this blog). I've heard the story of where they got the name 'Lowcountry' a few times but it never gets old. Brian seems so sweet & I wish I would've gotten a chance to talk to him 3 months ago (at least I said 'hi' when realizing he was right in front of me). Sal & Ryan seemed like the closest of friends when Envy's first album 'Lucy Gray' came out, but around the time of 'Lowcountry', Ryan & Brian seemed liked they'd rediscovered each other. I know this interview is, like, a minute long but I love listening to Brian tell the story of 'Lowcountry' & I love how chilled out Ryan ALWAYS is. I can't wait to see what these two do next.

One day

I'll take the time to tell you who these gorgeous twins are, & what they mean to me. I'm expecting that story to go on for pages & pages, so for now, let's just admire their looks. =)

Am I about to eat pizza & drink soda at 10 p.m.?

I most certainly am.

This kind of underground band called, Paramore, is coming on Sunday. Whether I get to see them or not remains unknown. I hear their lead singer is, like, really pretty or something.


Envy's final show sold out in, like, 3.5 seconds. Fucking sucks, it's only a few hours from where I live. I hope everything goes perfectly. The YouTube videos better be abundant.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This may be the funniest book I've ever read.
That is all.
Goodnight. <3

Tryna' beat the clock.

I hate when my posts divide just because it's a new day & I'm an insomniac.

Reasons For Leaving.

First of all, here is another perfect reason I will never call a band 'my favorite band' ever again.
I found this band from watching a girl on YouTube in 2006 (way before YouTube was even really a website). She lived in Pennsylvania & Reasons was a local band (whether they liked it or not). I'm not gonna lie, I got into the band for the same reason all their young listeners probably did: The first line in the chorus of their most popular song was 'Fuck me one more time'. Pretty dope when you're a sex-obsessed high school loner like yours truly. I thought the band sounded incredible from that song alone; their lead singer, M.J.'s (middle), vocals were eerily similar to Patrick Stump's of Fall Out Boy (who hadn't sold out just yet, at this point). I listened to all of the band's songs on their Myspace & memorized all the lyrics. There was something not just marketable but admirable about a local band of teenage boys, that was this good.
I'd heard some horror stories about M.J., mostly people would send him messages about their opinion of Reasons For Leaving & he would send you a lovey opinion of your mother back. I'm not saying that I think this is the 'Reason' the band decided to 'Leave' the scene, but they broke up in 2006.
Skip to 2007. While cleaning my room, I found a picture I'd kept of the band, I started missing them uncontrollably. So, I do what every smart 16 year old does, I find an illegal website that still hosts their music, convince my mom to let me use her credit card ('It's totally safe, mom. I double checked'), & download every song that Reasons for Leaving has ever recorded.
Long story shy, I've listened to this band almost every day of my life since 2007 & it's fair to say that they are on my top 10 list of favorite bands. Unfortunately, my old computer shit out on me, & my music folder wasn't saved in the crash. I lost ALL of my Reasons for leaving songs. Just becuase it's been 3 years & I just made fun of myself, don't think that I'm not planning on going back to that site at some point again. Reasons For Leaving is one of those bands thatjust makes me HAPPY, & you can't put a price (or risk factor) on that.
M.J. started another band, Sleep Sweet Motion, in 2007 & seemed to change his ways completely (judging by his soul-searching Myspace blogs). I sent him a message once, telling hi what his music has meant to me & how much I've always loved his voice, & he sent me back the kindest, most appreciative message I've ever received.
It's been a weird while, without having the option of rocking out to Reasons on my iPod, but, trust me, it won't be for long.
Check 'em out:
(If you want to hear the'fuck me' song, it's called 'Recreational Safety'. 'Bed of Roses' or 'Signs' are much better, though)

I know it's only been, like, 3 hours since Boyder put this up,
but how could I not post it?
Brain is so gorgeous & I love his laugh at the end.

So apparently,

I have a pretty gnarly Vitamin D deficiency.
They gave me these pills to take once a week,
& I have to go back & get more blood work done after 8 weeks.
Never have I ever been so happy to get a bad result on a blood test (nor have I ever taken a blood test before this).
Hopefully, this will solve some of the issues I've been having since I was in 9th grade.

How about

I not have manly shoulders, so I could at least think about owning a blazer one day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I have a lot to get done this week.

I don't know why I'm talking about it now.
I guess it makes me feel a little bit better to admit that I'm buried.
Admitting is the first step, right?
Goodnight. <3

Tru Fax:

I'm obsessed with Chuckanucka dolls. If I see one, I buy it.

I did my nails at midnight last night. Tell me how they're starting to chip after less than 24 hours?

This poem is incredible. Can I be George Watsky?

So stoked

to do my list of what I've been listening to during the (shitty) Summer '10.
I still have at least 3 weeks before I can put it up on this blog, because, well, summer's still not over.
I think I'll start by writing names down tonight, just to satisfy the urge.
I am one anxious bitch.

It's sick how attracted to Jessie James I am.