Thursday, July 22, 2010


Brain Bangley is life.

This girl is amazing...

Asher Fix:

Brain is too fucking cute. Aside from the obvious abundance of hoes, I would've loved to be there.

... ... ...


I'm a lot less screwed than I think I am.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This cover is killer...

I think I'm gonna turn in early tonight.

I feel like I'm not making much sense,
& I'm kind of in a strange mood.
Apprehensive would be the best word to describe it, I think.
Nothing music can't fix.

A Promise:

I will never call a band 'my favorite band' again...

In case you needed another reason to love Envy...

their supreme NY pride.

The only thing I like about Katy Perry is her body.
I find her to be extremely annoying in every other area.

Figured some shit out.

Maybe things will be alright.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Whoever got this shot of Ryan without blinding him, is my hero. I love this man.
Goodnight. <3

Random Fact:

I have one tattoo, an '18' on the outside of my left wrist. I got it exactly a week before I turned 19 & I guess it kind of has a double meaning.
1. 18 has always been my favorite (some might say lucky) number
2. I always felt like 18 was the coolest age to be. There's certain things that you can't do legally until you turn 18, yet doing things like drinking are still considered risque. Bottom line: It was supposed to be the greatest age of my life.
Songs like 'Soco Amaretto Lime' by Brand New (I'm gonna stay eighteen forever, so we can like this forever) inspired me to get it done & I guess it never crossed my mind that I didn't do shit when I was 18. I barely had friends, never had a boyfriend, & pretty much flunked out of college. I'm not sure how I feel about the tattoo at this point. Maybe someday, if I don't get it covered up, it'll be nice to see that I didn at least one 'crazy' thing when I was young. A little ink on your arm to remember a good time is better than a little rash on your...
I won't say I'm exactly proud of the tatt but I certainly don't hate it. Everyone fucks up, especially when you're 18.

Transferring colleges

may be the hardest thing that I've ever done.
There is so much work to do,
work that they pretty much do for you in high school.
I'm sure I sound like a lazy, spoiled brat (& I am one),
I just never expected there to be so much involved.
I have to back to my old college tomorrow & pick up my transcripts for the second time, which wouldn't be so bad if the college wasn't a 20 minute drive from my house.
I then have to go to Staples & make copies of everything I think my financial aid woman will want.
Then I have meeting with her on Thursday.
Doesn't sound like much, but it's been like this all summer.
I'm technically a student now at the new college
but I'm not sure I can pay for it,
or that I can get help paying for it.
I really don't want to stress about it,
but it's like my mind is trying to relax & my body is freaking out on me.
Is there such thing as subconscious stress?
I feel like I need a fucking vacation but all I've been doing for the past 3 months is sitting on my ass, worrying.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do, & no one has been giving me any valid advice.
I don't know what I'll do with my life, if I can't start school again this fall.

I love Patrick Stump. I often felt badly for him because the amazing band he was once a part of, turned to abolute shit. I've been a fan of Fall Out Boy since I received one of their eps after a Good Charlotte show in 2003. I guess it kind of sucks that they're no longer a band but Patrick was, by far, the strongest member & he'll continue to strive in whatever he does next. Pete, on the other hand...

Just had the shittiest experience in the grocery store, then listened to this lovely gentleman on the way home. I don't know how, but his music is like Xanax to me.

Born & raised in heaven. Some people are just born lucky.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goodnight. <3

I've had a crush on the same guy since I was a freshman in high school,

& he doesn't even know I exist.
He doesn't know that we're friends on Facebook,
or that own all of his music just to hear his voice.
In fact, I could write his name a million times on this site,
& he would have no idea.
Fuck you, Mark Lombardo.
This is my fifth year of loving you,
& you never giving a shit.

I miss this Avril Lavigne. I was so jealous of her when she first came out (& I'm talking 'Complicated' not 'Girlfriend') that I actually boycotted her music. I wasn't until I made my friend let me listen to Avril's cd 'Let Go', during recess (just to make sure she was as shitty as I'd thought), that I fell in love with her. I still kept my facade up, claiming I just wanted something to listen to, to pass the time. Completely untrue. I was enamored with everything about the then 17 year old Avril Lavigne. As a 6th grade tomboy to the nth degree, she was everything I wanted to be when I grew up. She was strong, boyish, she knew how to pay guitar (somewhat), & she hung out with 'sk8er boiz' all the fucking time. I. WANTED. HER. LIFE. I wanted her pin-straight, 'white girl' hair. I wanted her blue eyes. I wanted a skateboard that came with the knowledge of how to ride one. I wanted a black tie to wear over a white wifebeater (nevermind the fact I was in private school & had to wear the same thing every day). She chilled with Sum 41 (this was when they were the coolest band EVARRR) & the guys from Jackass (when that show was, for whatever reason, interesting). She wrote her own songs & won moonmen for them at the MTV music awards. She showed up to red carpet events in Converses & unabashed acne on her face. She was the ultimate guy's girl, outcast, skater chick who was somehow still so pretty, even the popular bitches kind of wanted to be her.
I went to one of her concerts in 2005 (still before 'Girlfriend' came out. She was in her goth phase at this point) & it was one of the most unentertaining shows I've been to. She seemed very generic, like every show was exactly the same to her (I don't think she even knew what state she was in). For her bullshit gig, I'll give her two credits:
1. She introduced me to Butch Walker (possibly my favorite musician of all time)
2. She is absolutely gorgeous in person
We won't get into 'Under My Skin' or 'The Best Damn Thing' because to me, her music keeps getting worse with each album. However, 'Let Go' continues to be one of my favorite albums I've ever owned. It's raw, honest, & captures being a teenager (hey, I'm only 19) with perfection. Thank God my friend was kind enough to let me listen to her cd player every day, even after laughing at her for listening to someone I secretly loved.

Asher's new song is beastin'. I hope people forget about that shitty 'College' song & start seeing him for the talented artist that he truly is.

I can't believe I ever liked your band.

It all just sounds like noise to me now.

Why is this so appealing? Maybe I'll come back to fast food in 2012. We're all supposed to die anyway, right?

I truly don't understand

why everyone is getting ready for Fall.
I'm pretty sure it's still July.
Can't we just enjoy the summer for the few short months it's here?

I would fight a bitch for this collection.