Saturday, July 10, 2010

K then,

I'm in the middle of reading an online arguement between Brain Bangley & a thousand other people
& Brain is making me feel extremely stupid.
His nickname must have double meaning; the dude is intelligent.
Imma finish reading this & then it's off to bed early.
Just got the new issue of AP with Jonny Craig on the cover.
Sweet Dreamssss...

Thank God for Twitter...

Apparently, he's fine.
Someone just stole his phone, though.

This dude has been on my mind all day today for whatever reason. I hope he's alright.

To say this woman isn't talented, is to say the sky ain't blue...

Future Husband?

Fell asleep at 5 a.m.

woke up at 11 a.m.
I feel like I slept for a half hour...

Friday, July 9, 2010

I REALLY hope these aren't real. Love the tattoos, hate the location.
Goodnight. <3

I'm jussayin'...

Boyder yo...

Damn boy, don't hurt em'.

Dear Envy on the Coast,

Be my other half forever?


more time to appreciate women who actually have self-respect.

Common courtesy

has gone out the window once again.
You'd think that after driving someone to work & back for the last week & a half,
they'd be abe to do you one favor...
but you'd be wrong.
Don't ever ask me to anything for you again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


on my new music.
Super sick shirt tomorrow.
Goodnight. <3

I'm finally syncing my iPod

after at least 8 months.
Now that everything was going to lose is now lost,
I feel almost alright.


should be my middle name.

PROOF. This is one of my favorite videos of all time.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twin Atlantic.

The night I saw this band was also the first time I'd ever heard of them, but they blew my fucking mind. They opened for Envy on the Coast & my first impression of them was 'Wow, they're Scottish & their lead singer is a asshole!'. Their lead singer turned out to be one of the sweetest guys I've ever met but they are infact Scottish...& not New York Scottish or Scottish American but straight from Scotland, Scottish. They have by far the strongest & most foreign accents I've ever heard in person & they're only amplified in the band's music. There is no way you can listen to Twin Atlantic & not know that the band, or at least their lead singer, Sam, is Scottish. One of the many things I love about them. I feel like when bands come from other countries, their main goal is to make it in America, even if that means losing their accents & kissing our ungrateful, ethnocentric asses. Completely different story with Twin Atlantic. They seem to be facinated yet disgusted with American culture & I really can't blame them. Knowing how Americans treat foreign musicians (listen to them for a week, then send them packing), I pray that my first time seeing this band won't be my last. I feel lucky to have experienced one of their live shows & to have met the adorable & incredibly nice Sam & Barry. I bought their Vivarium album that night for just $5, though it's worth much more & I continue to listen to it every day. Twin Atlantic is a truly great band, worth checking out...even if it's just to hear those killer accents. <3

I don't understand

how people have kids & a blog.
It's like the new baby book or some shit.
Get off your ass,
& teach your children something new.

I've been really jumpy today

& it's getting on my fucking nerves.
I think it's all the coffee I've been drinking,
so I'm gonna cool it with that.
I didn't get up until 1 this afternoon,
beats me why I feel so tired.

Because Brain Bangley may be the most gorgeous dude ever...

I need one of these.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In case you needed more reassuring that Envy on the Coast is the greatest band around today, here's this. Like I said last night, Jer Velardi is the greatest bassist ever. He's got an awful lot of soul for one little italian dude.

Tru Fax:

I'm always hungry. ALWAYS.

I don't care what's real & what's not. This girl is beautiful...

Again, Jonny's voice. Warped Tour is rough, I hope he holds up this well.

Salvatore Fucking Bossio.

These Kids.

Everyone needs to hear this song. Joel Turner is the beat box champion of Australia & the beat is done entirely by him. I've heard that his brother is actually the one singing but whoever it is, he fucking killed it. I find it hard to believe that Australia is just as fucked up as America but the lyrics prove otherwise. This is one of the greatest songs I know of & after 3 years of owning it, I still blast it like a band new single.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ima go eat some oreos.

Peace peace & goodnight. <3

Jeremy Velardi. Envy would not be the same without this gorgous young man. He writes the most intoxicating basslines you've ever heard & manages to stay so humble, it's embarrassing. Jer, I'm so glad I got to meet you, even if we only talked for a few minutes. You are an incredible musician & I'm proud to have been in your presence.

Asher double dose, yo. Hate on his scrawny little body all you want, but those lips & those eyes & that hair. At least give him props for knowing all the words.

Preach it, water bottle.

Been rocking Envy all day today. Don't think just because I've been quiet, I forgot about my favorite NY band. They are still my favorite daily habit.
"If the bass can't be felt in your's not loud enough."


I really wish I had freckles in the summer.
Everyone who has them, doesn't seem to like them.
Donate to the less fortunate?
I'll give you some of this lovely melanin...

There will probably come a time where my Asher videos will be few & far between but for the time being, this shit is amazing to me. Those boys really live the life...

So killer.

Had a weird-ass dream

about a book called '35 Degrees'.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

These interviewers are so annoying & far to old to be preaching to Asher about spring break. For shit's sake, let the man speak.

I got this bracelet yesterday. I guess it really is the little things with me. I feel like a new woman.


you could be full Shia Labeouf status,
but as soon as you put on a pair of skinny jeans,
I'm out that fucking door.

Like now, please?

How is it

the 4th of July
& I'm sitting here at the computer, drinking coffee?
Man, fuck Sundays.

You are

the most insecure human being I've ever met.
You use the internet to brag about shit that doesn't matter.
You plan meticulously to make others jealous of you.
You think people notice how you wear your hair,
do your makeup,
& dress yourself.
Get off of everyone's dick.
You truly need to grow up.