Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hittin' the trail early tonight.
I found my allergy medication.
Time to write.
Goodnight. <3

I find it hard to believe that this song is fictional. Props, Mr. Nozuka.

I hate my friends.

I hate my friends.

I may've gotten myself

a summer job today.
How, you ask?
By complaining about my weight & almost crying in the middle of the store.
Very nice store manager.
She handled it well.
There was no motive, btw.
It was a geniune breakdown.
Fingers Crossed.

I have no idea why I'm so in love with this interview.
Maybe it's because Asher seems like the nicest guy on the planet.
How many other rappers can you interview in their hotel room,
in bed with them,
occasionally holding hands...?

Possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

Can't decide who's cuter...


I'll get some writing done tonight.
Something about being in my bedroom makes me so tired
& nothing but sleep ever gets done in there.
We'll see.
Goodnight. <3

My bad.

Shirt of the Day will have to be carried over.
Didn't realize it was tomorrow & shit.

The truth.

I hate how pretty the girl in this video is.
I hate that she was at Asher's video shoot that day
& now she's in a hotel room with his boys.
I don't know if she doesn't find herself attractive enough or if she thinks way too much of herself to be in a hotel room with another girl & two boys.
And I don't know if I'm mad that she's so gorgeous & it seems like she's giving herself away too easily,
or I'm mad because it seems like she got in that postition too easily.
Who knows?
They could've just stayed up all night eating cheetos.
I guess the truth is,
I'm just hatin' on such a beautiful girl.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I have to go take the trash out.

And I don't mean, walk outside & throw it in a garbage can.
I mean, I have to get in my car, drive down the street, park, go through a fence & throw my bags into a gigantic trash compactor.
I lost my allergy medicine.
So not only is it midnight,
I'm exhausted from my allergies & everything is blurry.
So stoked to take the trash out.

I would attempt a backflip for some iced coffee, right now.

What I Bought Today:

-Body Lotion (that smells AMAZING)
-Face Wash (that I didn't need)
-2 Pairs of Shorts (I hope fit me correctly)
-Spearmint Chapstick

What am I most thrilled about?


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Damn, girl. I've never heard anything like that.

A day & a half

left of these antibiotics.

It's been a very odd day. I hate to repeat myself, but THANK GOD FOR THIS GUY.
I want to talk shit about your girlfriend so badly.
I want to tell the world how much I despise her voice, & the fact that she's never had to work a day in her life.
I want to tell you that she's riding your coattails,
that when she walked away from you on the red carpet, she faced a line of paparazzi,
hoping that someone would want a picture of her.
Not a single camera flashed,
& that's when she came back & stood next to you.
Don't feel lucky because you have this girl.
I see through her like air.
You don't have to believe me,
& I'm sure you don't, but

Listening to a boring-ass interview with George Watsky. If George wasn't so damn cute, I wouldn't be able to put up with this mediocre radio host.
Your paranoia
will kill you
before anthing else

Love me some Nathan Angelo. Dude looks like a hobbit but owns you with his skills.

I bought the new Emarosa album today (2 days late, I know) & my faith in life has been restored. Yeah, that sounds a little dramatic but I listened to part of it on the drive home & I'm sure I looked like a psychopath drving alone with the biggest, most satisfied grin on my face. I have an incredible amount of respect for the instrumentalists of Emarosa but the truth of the matter is, without Jonny, they would still be a completely different band; one that would probably still be unknown to most. Jonny drives me fucking crazy talking about his ex-girlfriends like they're trash, calling all of his mostly white friends 'nigga', & continuing to live up to his asshole reputation. The bottom line is: He has something more than a talent, he has a gift. His voice gives me chills, it makes me happy, it makes me feel good about my life. Again, sounds dramatic. You'd have to hear it for yourself to understand. For the thousandth time, I don't care who Jonny Craig really is or is not. As long as he continues to sing, I will continue to listen.
What is with this dude calling himself the 'Irish Jesus', saying Asher Roth is gay & shitting on Brain Bangley.
Jealousy is easily confused with hatred.
You look real stupid right about now.

I have fears & inhibitions coming out my ass. The man of my dreams better carry a weapon... or at least some courage.


I wanted to have 100 posts by July.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love Means

never having to ask permission.


Just cause' she's so damn beautiful.

Favorite d.j. EVER. He's just too fucking cute, too.

So my mom lent $20 today & once I got out, I realized I already had money. Long story shy, I did the right thing & just spent my money & gave my mom's $20 back later on. I just found out that she'd gone out earlier & bought me this $20 body scrub out of the kindness of her heart. Strange coincidence? One good deed deserves another.

Current screen background. PURE. SEX.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm too busy checking out Brain Bangley to continue posting.
Until tomorrow...

Shit I've Been Listening to Obsessively This Summer ('09)

This post was badass & I don't even remember writing it.
I'll try to get summer '10 down before school starts. So far it's only been old throwback shit.

I know it’s cheesy, but it made me really sad to say “this summer”. It kind of reminded me that this summer is coming to an end. Anyway…

- Ludo. Anything & everything that I could possibly get my hands on. From their Broken Bride Ep, to their full length You’re Awful, I Love You. It has been a VERY Ludo summer for me.

-(we are) PARAMORE! I bought The Final Riot! a few weeks before my graduation & I haven’t stopped rocking it since. I’d had Riot! on my iPod since the day it came out but I’d never really listened to it until this summer. And, of course I had to go back to basics with All We Know Is Falling. They are a truly incredible band.

-old Dance Gavin Dance, new Emarosa, & Jonny Craig. I’m sure you’re sensing a common factor here. (if not then, shame) What can I say? The dude has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard in my life. It gets to the point where I stop caring what people have to say about him. As long as he continues to sing, I’ll continue to listen.

-The Gaslight Anthem. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before about any band/artist/whatever, but The Gasligh Anthem has made me fall back in love with music. I don’t remember ever falling completely out of love with music but there was deffinately a point where I started losing hope. (somewhere in between the Miley Cyrus & Jonas Brothers’ craze). I’ve been blasting The ‘59 Sound (the album, not just the song) all summer & it’s made me feel the way I used to feel when I was a little kid & I heard something new that made me feel alive. They are an insane band & Brian Fallon’s voice has been my comfort zone these past 2 1/2 months.

- Jon Lajoie. He’s hot & he makes me laugh until I cry. Check out his YouTube account & his new CD, You Want Some of This? on iTunes. You won’t regret it.

- Asteria. I’ve been listening to Asteria since I was probably in about 9th or 10th grade but this summer, I’ve been listening to them like a brand new band. All of their albums are amazing but I would recemmend Slip Into Something More Comfortable, or “We Wasted Everything” off of their CD, A Lesson in Charades. Just an idea…

-Kings of Leon. Hasn’t everyone been fucking listening to them lately? They are a great band & no one can sing like Caleb. The End.

-Josh Groban. He’s one of my favorite people in the entire world. I listen to him every day, all year. So, I guess he’s been a large part of this summer.

-Maxwell. He new album, BLACKsummer’snight, is infuckingcredible. Perfect summer album.

-Incubus. I bought their Alive at Red Rocks dvd in the begining of the summer & though it came out in 2004, it’s one of the most timeless concerts one could possibly own. I love all of Incubus’ music & I’ve been stoked on their greatest hits album Monuments & Melodies all summer. Brandon Boyd also has one hell of a voice.

-Bo Burnham. Another person who makes me laugh uncontrolably. His self-titled CD is pure fucking gold & it would take a lot to convince me that he is not a genius.

-Asher Roth. Not too big on the ‘College’ song, but I went ahead & bought his album anyway. “Fallin’” is by far the best track & the rest is listen-worthy.

-Butch Walker. I can’t say he means more to me than my family & friends cause that just sounds weird (even though it’s true). Much like Josh Groban, Butch is one of my favorite people in the world. I’ve never seen anyone love music more than he does & it is intoxicating to see him live. There’s not a whole lot I can say to discribe how I feel about his music so let’s just say, IT’S MY EVERYTHING. Butch has probably taken up the most of my ears’ time this summer. And that’s just fine by me…


I feel like

I'm about to get a nosebleed.
Let's just get it over with, please.

My Tumblr

was so much better than this blog.
No one payed me any attention on there either, but I at least had followers that pretended to care.
I look back at my old posts like
"Fuck, I was awesome..."

This may be the first time I've seen Beyonce not look 100% perfect. The heavy eye makeup/heavy lipstick/street worker look isn't cute on her. Less is more, girl.


One of my favorite southern underdogs. I really hope he stays this raw forever.


I haven't been this tired in a long while.
I feel like I'm dreaming...

Up a little bit earlier this morning. Wish I'd woken up to some Brain, though.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I miss the entire summer I spent having a crush on this guy...& not feeling ashamed of it.


& I refuse

to be afraid.

I'd sell my soul for Sky's hair...

Falling in love with him in this interview. Ash is truly amazing.

Sunday, June 27, 2010



I really need to get some self confidence,
but the ones who have it,
don't seem to want to let me in on the secret.

This man gives me hope every day of my life.

Cobra Starship

is a terrible fucking band.
Gabe Saporta should've quit while he was still relevant.