Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tucker Max & the Subject of Trollin':

First & foremost, let's just admire how sexy Tucker looks in this photo.

Alright, the other night, I was watching an interview with the charming Tucker Max & he made a comment about his haters that went something along the lines of him caring a little bit about the people who enjoy his books & him not giving a flying fuck about the people talking shit about him on "blogs that no one reads".
Good point.
With my tendency to talk shit about others, especially on this blog, I realized I pretty much just look like another internet "troll".
Not my all.
I feel like, these so-called "trolls" want people to get a rise out of their gossip. Kinda like a broke-Perez Hilton.
I started this page as something personal for myself. My Tumblr was annoying the shit out of me becuase Tumblr is based on popularity &, let's face it, I was eating lunch with the lunch-ladies on that site.
I still hate the word "blog". It reminds me of all these irritating women in their late 20's-early 30's, talking about absolute nonsense like it needs to make a difference in someone's life.
Your thoughts don't matter, if your not making any moves.
Sitting on the computer, writing on this site is therapeutic for me. I'm well-aware that the only way I can change the things I complain about is to get off my ass & work toward it.
Again, I think I'm getting off track.
I made my blog private because Tucker's comment made me think.
It will probably go back to being public but, it's not like anyone will notice.
I'm gonna take a little time to figure myself out on here.
And I'll be back again.

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