Monday, November 15, 2010


I guess you don't really know who someone is until they tell you in their own words.
You can idolize someone all day & quote every fucking word that comes out of their mouth, but it doesn't mean you understand them.
I'm starting to learn more about someone I've looked up to since I was 15 & it's kind of scary.
I think I forgot that he's a real guy.
He talks about himself almost as much as I talk about myself, but it's in kind of a pretentious way.
I don't think I ever knew who he was in the first place.
I'm thinking maybe it's about time I stop trying to figure everyone out.
It's a habit.
A bad one.
And I can't win.
It's winter here in upsate New York & I always start losing my mind around this time.
Little things like finding out I've been enamoured with someone who is apparently made up, is annoying as fuck & I can only blame myself for it.
I feel like this dude sorta has his head up his ass...well, not sorta, he really fucking does.
I guess we're only a few years apart & he needs to do as much soul searching as I do, but I don't talk about myself like I'm the second coming of Jesus.
Because I'm not.
Staying humble is one of the most attractive traits I can think of & this dude just doesn't seem to possess it.
Confidence is easily confused with arrogance, I know.
I guess I'm just irritated.
I feel like a small part of me just died.

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