Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A while ago, I subtly bragged about going to see Asher Roth. Well, I saw him about a month ago at a shitty fest in Altamont called... Applestock.
Sure, it was fall music festival but I think they could've come up with a better name.
I went for Asher & Asher only. However, I caught a few of the other acts & I'll speak on those briefly.
Shontelle- I felt sort of bad for this girl. I love her music & own her first album, but she was either tired, sick or just vocally exhausted. Her voice started acting up in the first song & by the last song, her biggest hit 'T-Shirt', she sounded like shit. I'm sure she's a very talented artist & thank God the crowd knew some of her songs so when she held the mic out to us, there wasn't an awkward silence to match the awkwardness of her voice... or lack thereof.
Benji & Joel Madden (a.k.a. Good Charlotte)- This was my 3rd time seeing "Good Charlotte", although the first two times, the entire band was there. Benji & Joel could have their own reality show. They are, by far, the world's cutest twins. From making fun of each other the entire time to arguing about who fucked up what part, they are two extremely entertaining people. I will never talk badly about either one of them. Their performance was awesome as usual.
One Republic- Hands down, one of the best live performaces I've ever seen. I've never really taken a good listen to their music (I have 3 or 4 of their songs from their first album on my iPod), but I doubt buying their music could compare to their live show. Their lead singer, Ryan, has one fuck of a voice & seeing that band live will stick with me more than most concerts I've gone to.
Asher- I honestly never thought I would see Asher Roth live. Hip hop artists don't tour half as much as bands & when they do, they only hit up the major cities.
When Asher & D.J. Wreckineyez came out, I was surprisingly not as stoked as I thought I would be. I was right up against the barricade & the people surrounding me consisted of 14-16 year old, white suburban kids who couldn't seem to stop talking about how they didn't know who Asher was. They kept talking about radio-dominating artists like Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne to make it seem like they knew their shit when it comes to hip-hop. Constantly bragging that they only knew the "college song" & admitting they had no idea what Ash looks like (one claimed he had red hair), I was ready to kill someone by the time the show started.
Asher was fun & crazy handsome in person. I was the only person in the crowd who knew the words to his songs & I kind of felt like an outcast for actually being a real fan. Brain Bangley is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous dude I've ever seen in person.
He. Is. Fucking. Stunning.
After all those random posts I've made about how sexy, funny, & amazing Brain is, he exceeded my expectations by a thousand miles.
The main part of the show that irked me, I guess, was the fact that little old Mariah didn't get any love.
Not the back of the tour bus kind of love, but some minor appreciation.
I was right up front, singing the lyrics to songs that no one in the crowd could've given a less fuck about & I felt fucking invisible.
Boyd, who was also insanely gorgeous, did his typical walk through the front of the crowd to pick out girls for 'She Don't Want a Man'. He talked a few girls next to me into getting onstage, walked right past me & started talking to the 15 year old girl next to me, ultimately getting her to get onstage too.
The world knows, I'm shy as all hell & I would've been crazy to get onstage...but some recognition for being a decent looking, & not to mention legal, female, would've been beyond appreciated. The girls that ended up on stage were primarily young, hick-ish looking girls, with the exception of one woman in her mid-50's & one extremely attractive girl (the only one Boyd danced with).
As I said in one of my previous posts, Ash's his boys played whole rockstar shit. They weren't walking around the fair grounds for anyone to meet & say 'what's up' to, but that was to be expected.
Cheezey as it sounds, I went home feeling kind of empty.
It was almost like I wasted my time & energy on seeing these people who, in the end, didn't really see me.
I obviously I am not taking the whole thing personally. It was just another random, shitty experience...that just so happened to involve a bunch of people I thought I was in love with.
No hard feelings. Really.
Overall Review-
My local radio station got who they could afford. I wouldn't say I got my $17 worth (I've seen Lamb of God for $15). I don't think I'll ever go back to Applestock (or Altamont) again.
Fuck it.

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