Monday, November 29, 2010

Just recieved some great news

about someone I seem to have fallen in love with.
Yes, it's midnight.
No, I haven't finished my paper.
I apparently have (hopefully) a 24 virus & I ended up sleeping from 9-12, then fell asleep again at 1:30-6:30.
Still feeling kind of shitty, but the paper needs to get done.
Currently listening to Jazmine Sullivan's new album via her MySpace.'s iight so far.
Anyway, I can't post the news without seeming like an obsessed fan.
Let's just say a certain dude in a certain band was in a relationship with a certain bitch & she seemed to only make him miserable.
Well, the relationship is OVER.
He deserves much better than that hoe & I'm stoked for him.
Ugh...back to the paper.

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