Thursday, November 18, 2010

I think Perez Hilton said it perfectly when he said that Joeseph Gordon Levitt has core fans that, for whatever reason, show up to his shows. Perez was also right when he said this cover fucking sucks.
Joeseph Gordon Levitt is an exceptional actor & crazy handsome in a unique, not-so-everyday way. However, he's not much of a musician based on this video.
He got some shitty guitar work going on &, let's be honest, he can't really sing.
He sounds like a dude in a bar singing karaoke.
JGL has said it himself: he's pretentious.
Why he's proud of that, I don't know. Musically, he has nothing to back it up.
After hearing this atrocious cover & the hipster chicks moaning afer every word he sings, I think I'll stick to this dude's movies from now on.
Not everyone in Hollywood is a double threat.

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