Friday, November 26, 2010

Enjoying the Silence:

I spent Thanksgiving alone this year.
I HATE holidays... mainly Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Just not into the food or the company.
As terrible as it sounds, I am the complete opposite of a family person.
I'm extremely close to my mom but since I live with her & she's retired, once I get home from school, she's ALWAYS there.
As a 19 year old young woman, I get zero alone time.
So this holiday, it was nice to be alone while she went elsewhere with the rest of the family.
I'm always thankful for the people & things that may come my way, I don't need a gluttonous holiday to realize that I have a good life.
I'm also an impulse buyer & I find ways to get what I want all year round, I don't need a self-centered holiday to look forward to getting a bunch of shit I won't even remember come the same time next year.
I've been doing a lot of sleeping, reading & watching court shows (shouts to Judge Alex!).
It's been a good break from school but, sadly enough, I'm ready to go back.
Geek Pride.
Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone...

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