Monday, October 18, 2010

My (Ex) Septum Piercing: A Love/Hate Story

Q: Why did I get my septum pierced?

A: Again, I was 18 and stupid, I thought it would look cool, I enjoyed the idea of being able to "flip it up", & Hayley Williams looked cute with hers done.

The reality of the whole situation: My piercer, Jenny (or Genny, sorry), was awesome & that was pretty much the best part of the whole experience.
The clamp was too much for me to wayy too much. I don't know what my problem was that day but I could not deal with that clamp, so she had to do the piercing while holding the clamp closed. Not the best way of doing things but it hurt much, much less.
The needle wasn't too bad, it just took forever becuase I chickened out on the clamp.
Long story shy, I started out with a 14g & it hurt for at least 6 weeks. Not sore, but PAINFUL. The healing hurt more than the actual piercing.
I eventually moved it down to a 16g, then realized that I wouldn't be able to "flip it up" because it seemed to be misplaced. I don't know if that shit was crooked, or just pierced too closely to the front but it sucked.
I took it out in September after getting it done in May.
So yeah, not much of a story.
I don't necessarily reget getting done, I just wish I would've been a little wiser (& possibly less of a pussy).
Lesson learned.

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