Friday, October 29, 2010

A Jonny Craig Revelation (?):

As you may or may not know, Dance Gavin Dance kicked Kurt Travis out of the band & re-hired Jonny as the singer so that they can pretty much re-make their most appreciated album, Downtown Battle Mountain.
As much as I LOVE Downtown Battle Mountain era DGD, I can only describe this move in one word:
I don't want to get too much into Dance Gavin Dance as a band simply because I don't know too much about them.
Here's the deal:
I watched the "big" Dance Gavin Dance reunion show that took place a couple weeks ago in Sacremento...well, I watched as much as I could bear of the video.
The highest rated comment on the video, at the time, was posted by sergioisevil & they said:
"After watching this in its entirety, I'm suddenly not as excited for their next record as I thought I would be. This whole "DBM2" thing is just unnecessary and seems to be a result of DGD doing what their FANS want them to do as opposed to what THEY want to do. And I miss Jonny when he was a quiet introvert with powerhouse talent. Every time he opens his mouth between songs he says something stupid. And every time he sings he sings as bombastically as possible while sacrificing the lyrics."
I could not agree with this person more.
Basically the performace sucked. Jonny's voice was blown out, he couldn't remember half of the words & he acted like a fucking rockstar the whole night.
The comment really made me think about my adoration for Jonny Craig & where it came from.
A Brief Overview:I don't remember when or why I started listening to DGD but it was a long while ago. The only thing I remember about first listening to them is, of course, Jonny's voice. After hearing And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman, I honestly couldn't believe what I was hearing was real. Seeing as Jonny is only 24 now, he had to be about 20-21 when recording DBM. Any void, crack, or imperfection within DBM was filled with Jonny's voice. He had the most soulful, r&b-tinged voice that he can somehow morph into the best rock vocals you've ever heard, while maintaining the most impressive range in his scene. The best/almost frustrating part of all this?
No one knew who the fuck he was.
I would try to find pictures & information on Jonny, & other than his name, it was close to impossible to find ANYTHING on him. He was just this skinny kid with a mullet, who had more talent in one body than most bands have in all their bodies combined.
The more I got into Jonny & the more people caught on to him joining Emarosa, the more spotlight the dude got...Good & bad...& horrible.
Suddenly everyone cared that Jonny had gotten kicked out of DGD as opposed to leaving on his own terms. They suddenly cared about his alleged drug problem (nevermind DGD's song The Importance of Cocaine). The suddenly cared about the girls he was fucking, the music he listened to & whether or not his name was spelled with an 'h'.
Now, I feel like Jonny is, at least in his own head, a bona fide superstar. His name has been changed amongst his fans to Jonny "Fucking' Craig, his Twitter ( has almost 30,000 followers, & if you don't know by now that his name, Johnathan, is spelled with an 'h' but he prefers to spell Jonny without it, you're a loser.Jonny got popular enough within the scene to put out a solo album & do a solo tour. You know my deal with missing him everytime he comes near me, so no, I've never seen him live. I have a feeling, if I ever went to one of his shows, I'd probably avoid meeting him. There has obviously never been anything Jonny has said or done to make me care about him any less but I don't want to run the risk by having a fucked up personal experience with him. Sometimes you just have to appreciate pretty things from afar.
I have heard some of the worst things about Jonny than I've ever heard about anyone else. Short of murder, the dude has been accused of everything...& he thrives on it. I believe Jonny deserves all the success in the world, I just wish he could handle it in a more subtle fashion.
Closing Thoughts:I'm not super stoked about DGD's new album but I'll of course check it out & support a great band.
As for Jonny...
I say it everytime I talk about Jonny but, I will always support his causes. I often think the whole "fame" thing came at him a little too quickly & he's still the same sweet, red-haired Candian kid he was 3 or 4 years ago. Let's hope...
He's incredibly gorgeous & much too talented to put into words.
Something about Jonny makes me love him unconditionally, & even if they have to put up with all his self-absorbed bullshit first, I would only wish for everyone in the world to hear his voice.

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