Sunday, October 31, 2010

I adore Buddy. He is one of the few people left in the music business that willingly speak their mind in interviews. He's 100% right in the points that he makes, as well. All Time Low started out as a great band. Their songs were ridiculously catchy & Alex is, no doubt, a good singer. But as time went on, they gained more popularity & were suddenly every-fucking-where. It got to the point where I don't even think half the girls that went to their shows actually owned half of ATL's music. It was all about how hot Alex is & how funny Jack is. ATL's newest album has done better than anything that they've released before, but it's a shitty record. You just can't convince me that band didn't get fucking lazy on that album.
And as for, Boys Like Girls, please don't even get me started. They have gone from a decent band, to the most atrocious display of audible vomit, I've ever heard. I won't get into each individual in the band, because I don't know shit about them. I think it would've been respectable for the drummer to keep his mouth closed, though. Senses Fail has had a huge impact on their scene & Boys Like Girls never will.
The whole 'death' comment was a little weird. I've been reading the comments on this video & everyone who doesn't like Buddy or supports ATL & BLG is calling him out on that whole 'van accident' thing. I think what he was trying to say is, there are people who litterally lose their lives on the road, giving all that they've got for music. He was comparing that to the fact there are bands out there who can't even give enough of themselves to write their own lyrics, let alone run the risk of death for their art.
I think.
I guess I'm somewhat biased in this arguement because I love Buddy. In fact, I'm probably a bigger fan of Buddy than I am of Senses Fail. They're a great band, but Buddy always seems to stay real & keep a good head on his shoulders. Senses Fail does, in fact, have better lyrics than most bands around today & Buddy does write every single word himself. Maybe he was wrong in bringing up the whole conversation, but at the end of the day, it's his opinion & someone asked him for it.

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