Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas in October:

Hat- I was cute & on sale. Need I say more?
Shoes- I needed new flats badly. I'd been wearing these sandals I'd bought around May, & for whatever reason, they made me trip over, I legitimately thought I was going to fall on a hourly basis. Got these at Marshall's for $20 & haven't tripped since.
Cetaphil(Gentle Face Cleanser)- Gotta keep my skin looking good
Chocolate- I don't know what's up with me right now. Maybe it's just a girl thing, if you know what I mean.
Magazines(Nylon Guys & Cosmopolitan)- Had to buy Nylons Guys once I realized my future husband, Jesse Eisenberg, decided to grace the cover this month. First thing I find out in the artice? He lives with his longtime girlfriend. Boo...
And possibly the funniest issue of Cosmo yet. The article 'Shit My Boyfriend Says' is hilarious.
Wet N' Wild Creme Eyeshadow(in Pixie, Electro, & Distress)- Didn't need them, but kind of wanted them. This makes 6 all together.
Nail Polishes(in Big Daddy, Vacation Time, Green with Envy, & Sun Worshiper)- What can I say? I am a total & complete nail addict. These colors are insane & I've already got a list of what I'm getting next. This brings me up to 96 polishes.

I worked for what I've got. None of this shit was free.

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