Monday, September 27, 2010


College is fucking crazy.
Between drving 25 minutes to get there, to trying to find a parking space, to power-walking to my classes, I'm definitley feeling like I'm actually in school again.
With all of it's craziness, I really appreciate being at this school.
Compared to my last college, this is the heaven above heaven.
I feel so unbelievably lucky to be here...
& there are the most incredible guys walking around campus every second of every day.
Again, so amazing compared to my 90% female prior college.
I'd forgotten what the male species was supposed to look like.
Can't say I don't have my eye set on a few in particular but I'm pretty superstious so let's not jinx my chances here.
Let's just say, I'm stoked to go to my Poetry class tomorrow & see a certain someone.
I say it all the time (or maybe I don't) but I'm gonna try to write more on here.
Don't think I've thrown the towel in before the fight even started.

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