Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Uh, No

I ordered this epilator online abouty a month ago & not only was it the most ridiculous run-around of my entire life, but I think it might be a little too much for me to handle.
For those who don't know, an epilator is a hair removal device that supplies numerous tweezers (this one, I believe, has 75). When you turn it on, the tweezers spin & rip the hair out from the root.
Yes, it's just as painful as it sounds.
I pride myself on having a pretty high pain tolerance, so I didn't really think twice before buying.
Bad move.
In some places it feels like a tickle, some it feels like a burn, & others feel like a thousand needles.
I'd heard that this was the least painful epilator (& based on the price, it better be), I can't even begin to imagine what the most painful feel like.
Note: I've only used this on my legs
My ankle is still burning from a place I went over about a half hour ago.
I don't know why I'm talking about this, but, fuck.
Impulse buying is not cute.

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