Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twin Atlantic.

The night I saw this band was also the first time I'd ever heard of them, but they blew my fucking mind. They opened for Envy on the Coast & my first impression of them was 'Wow, they're Scottish & their lead singer is a asshole!'. Their lead singer turned out to be one of the sweetest guys I've ever met but they are infact Scottish...& not New York Scottish or Scottish American but straight from Scotland, Scottish. They have by far the strongest & most foreign accents I've ever heard in person & they're only amplified in the band's music. There is no way you can listen to Twin Atlantic & not know that the band, or at least their lead singer, Sam, is Scottish. One of the many things I love about them. I feel like when bands come from other countries, their main goal is to make it in America, even if that means losing their accents & kissing our ungrateful, ethnocentric asses. Completely different story with Twin Atlantic. They seem to be facinated yet disgusted with American culture & I really can't blame them. Knowing how Americans treat foreign musicians (listen to them for a week, then send them packing), I pray that my first time seeing this band won't be my last. I feel lucky to have experienced one of their live shows & to have met the adorable & incredibly nice Sam & Barry. I bought their Vivarium album that night for just $5, though it's worth much more & I continue to listen to it every day. Twin Atlantic is a truly great band, worth checking out...even if it's just to hear those killer accents. <3

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