Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This is the first picture I ever owned/saw of Hayley Williams. I started listening to Paramore in the summer of 2006, but for a while there I didn't know shit about the band & would occationally come across pictures of Hayley on various sites. I would save the pictures because I found her to be so beautiful & I named all the files I kept of her 'Pretty Bitch'. Not because she seemed like a bitch (give me a break, she's was, like, 17) but because they were all live shots & she seemed so fierce on stage. It's seems strange to think that I've been listening to Paramore for 4 years now but I guess it's the truth. I'm genuinely proud of everything that the band has done & proud to remain a fan after all these years. Hayley Williams continues to be the prettiest bitch EVER.

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