Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ryan Hunter.

There's a number of reasons I used this picture:
1. He's smiling (& his smile is the most beautiful thing in the world)
2. Full body shot (hello perfect body)
3. His shirt (be jealous)
I love this guy more than words can say. So much infact, I can't figure out what I want to say about him. First & foremost, Ryan is the lead singer of Envy on the Coast (if you still haven't checked them out, then shame). I'm aware that I deem everyone to have an "amazing voice", but...HE REALLY DOES. Ryan honestly has one of the most uniquely, soothing voices I've ever heard.
Could possibly be the fact that he's the total definition of a hippie? (the dude doesn't wear shoes & smokes like a chimney) Maybe.
Could it possibly be the fact that he rocks everything from Slipknot to the Fugees? (I rest my case on how amazing he is) Maybe.
Whatever the reason for his incredible talent, he remains one of the most orignal vocalists in his scene. I hate to admit that I'm a New Yorker (Envy's from Long Island), & I've only seen Envy once. However, when I did finally see them live after 4 years of listening to them religiously, it changed my enitre perception of them. I won't get into the why the band is so amazing but a big part of that is due to Ryan. He's was one of the most charasmatic, confident frontmen I've ever seen (I'd say he was 'the' most but I saw Motley Crue in 05' so...). Meeting him was extremely quick but he was a sweetheart & it was a night I'll never forget. The only white guy who can properly rock dreds, a great talent & the nicest dude ever. I truly adore you, Ryan Hunter. <3

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