Sunday, July 18, 2010

I miss this Avril Lavigne. I was so jealous of her when she first came out (& I'm talking 'Complicated' not 'Girlfriend') that I actually boycotted her music. I wasn't until I made my friend let me listen to Avril's cd 'Let Go', during recess (just to make sure she was as shitty as I'd thought), that I fell in love with her. I still kept my facade up, claiming I just wanted something to listen to, to pass the time. Completely untrue. I was enamored with everything about the then 17 year old Avril Lavigne. As a 6th grade tomboy to the nth degree, she was everything I wanted to be when I grew up. She was strong, boyish, she knew how to pay guitar (somewhat), & she hung out with 'sk8er boiz' all the fucking time. I. WANTED. HER. LIFE. I wanted her pin-straight, 'white girl' hair. I wanted her blue eyes. I wanted a skateboard that came with the knowledge of how to ride one. I wanted a black tie to wear over a white wifebeater (nevermind the fact I was in private school & had to wear the same thing every day). She chilled with Sum 41 (this was when they were the coolest band EVARRR) & the guys from Jackass (when that show was, for whatever reason, interesting). She wrote her own songs & won moonmen for them at the MTV music awards. She showed up to red carpet events in Converses & unabashed acne on her face. She was the ultimate guy's girl, outcast, skater chick who was somehow still so pretty, even the popular bitches kind of wanted to be her.
I went to one of her concerts in 2005 (still before 'Girlfriend' came out. She was in her goth phase at this point) & it was one of the most unentertaining shows I've been to. She seemed very generic, like every show was exactly the same to her (I don't think she even knew what state she was in). For her bullshit gig, I'll give her two credits:
1. She introduced me to Butch Walker (possibly my favorite musician of all time)
2. She is absolutely gorgeous in person
We won't get into 'Under My Skin' or 'The Best Damn Thing' because to me, her music keeps getting worse with each album. However, 'Let Go' continues to be one of my favorite albums I've ever owned. It's raw, honest, & captures being a teenager (hey, I'm only 19) with perfection. Thank God my friend was kind enough to let me listen to her cd player every day, even after laughing at her for listening to someone I secretly loved.

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